We don't often talk about Garmin here, mostly because the company hasn't been a smartwatch or wearable maker in the traditional sense, but it's getting harder and harder to mention any fitness tracker without naming Garmin in some form or another. Its vivosmart lineup, among others, is almost universally loved by everyone who has tried it, its brand is recognizable, hardware is capable and competitively priced, and software experience is getting better and better, making it the second largest smartwatch maker in Q3 2016 according to IDC.

One of the flagships of Garmin's smartwatch line-up is the fēnix series, a watch that combines everyday activity and sleep tracking, smartwatch notifications and features, super detailed exercise tracking across different types of sports (running, swimming, cycling, hiking, golf, ski, snowboard, paddle sports, and so on), GPS logging, water resistance up to 100m, continuous heart-rate monitoring, and more.

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