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Feedly updates web app with dark mode, right-click menus, and more

Feedly is one of the best RSS readers around, with support for cloud syncing, filters, and much more. The mobile apps received a nice redesign at the end of last year, and now Feedly has focused its attention on the web application.

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[Update: Now in stable] Feedly's long-awaited redesign arrives in latest beta, with bottom tabs and cleaner interface [APK Download]

It's important to be kept abreast of the latest news, and the best way to do that is with an app that compiles it for you and makes it easier to digest. Feedly is one such app, and a favorite of many here at AP. While it still works fine, it has been looking a little dated recently. Not anymore, though, as a redesign has just landed with the latest beta update (version 51).

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Feedly reader has a crash bug issue, but the latest update should fix it

Everyone's favorite reader app, Feedly, seems to be having some problems on Android right now. For some users, version 37.3.0 (which was released back in June) has started crashing every time it's opened. I can confirm the issue on my Pixel XL, and it looks a little something like this...

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Feedly introduces Mute Filters, a tool to automatically and selectively remove items from your feeds

Feedly, the popular RSS feed aggregator, has just introduced a new feature for Feedly Pro users called Mute Filters. Now you can set up a list of keywords, combined with some operators, to selectively filter your feeds. If seeing news on subjects like fidget spinners or Pokemon GO has been slowly driving you mad, you now have recourse.

If you are into following blogs or news outlets via RSS feeds, there aren't a lot of choices out there. Feedly has become one of the biggest names in the wake of the still-lamented death of Google Reader. Any user of Feedly or RSS feeds has likely spent a lot of time curating their list already, so another avenue of customization for the news you see is bound to be a good thing.

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Quote, From The Developer Of Fenix, Is A Slick News Reader For Feedly And Inoreader

I've made Fenix my go-to Twitter client for a rather long time, and I'm not alone in that. That's the only app developer mvilla has released... until now. The second app from this dev is a feed reader with support for both Feedly and Inoreader. It has a very clean, minimalist design, and you can give it a shot for free.

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Palabre 2.0 Gets A Visual Overhaul And Adds More News Providers Like Twitter, Inoreader, The Old Reader, And An SDK For Developers

When Google Reader got shut down a few years ago, I was in disarray. My entire work system relied on having an easy one-stop site to check all the news and articles that have been recently published instead of having to visit each source to check it out. As alternatives started spanning out, I tested a couple until I settled on Inoreader because it embodied everything Google Reader was (fast, reliable, simple, handy with keyboard shortcuts) without the bells and whistles of magazine views and images that often hindered my workflow.

The problem remains however that, unlike Feedly, Inoreader doesn't have a huge choice of Android apps.

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Feedly Version 29 Adds Chrome Custom Tabs And Shared Collections


Feedly Rolling Out v27 With Google Now Integration, Power Search, And Better Auto-Complete [APK Download]

There's a new version of Feedly out there, but it looks like a staged rollout (currently a beta channel release). Normally that wouldn't be a huge deal, because it's just a feed reader. However, there's some cool stuff in the v27 update. This one adds Google Now integration, and we've got the APK below.

Screenshot_2015-05-04-15-46-33 Screenshot_2015-05-04-15-47-25 Screenshot_2015-05-04-15-46-56

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[App Roundup] Our Top Seven Picks For The Best New Apps Of March 2015

Attention: the following roundup contains absolutely no mention of the new release of Google Reader... because that happened in April. But it does have some great picks for new apps from March, including our top seven and a handful of honorable mentions. News readers, social tools, and root-only apps are covered, plus some diagnostic tools for tech heads. And if customization is your thing, check out the honorable mentions section for cool icons and live wallpapers.


Corgi for Feedly

Android Police coverage: Corgi For Feedly Puts RSS Feeds On Your Android Lock Screen

Corgi is a replacement lockscreen that lets you know about all the items in your Feedly feed.

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