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[Update: Another LG watch appears] New LG Wear OS watch shows up at FCC

Documentation concerning a new Wear OS watch manufactured by LG has appeared on the Federal Communication Commission's website. The listing doesn't reveal a whole lot, but the watch is described as a "portable wrist device" with a model number of LM-W315. It's possible the filing is for LG's rumored "hybrid" watch that's said to feature both physical hands and an LCD display.

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FCC issues $120 million fine for massive neighbor spoofing operation

Ever got one of those annoying robocalls, but the number looked local or even familiar? Well, those of us that have might have some modicum of vindication. Yesterday, the FCC issued a $120 million fine to Adrian Abramovich, who was found to have made almost 100 million spoofed phone calls about a timeshare or other travel-related things.

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FCC's new chairman wants to keep voice call ban on airplanes

Ajit Pai was appointed as the Federal Communications Commission's new chairman shortly after the election of President Donald Trump. As a self-described opponent of net neutrality, it came as little surprise when he closed the organization's investigation into zero-rating in February.

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