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Google working on palm rejection for always-on displays to save your retinas at night

Count yourself lucky if you have a phone that can keep its display on to show you the time or a late notification without the need to blast all of the screen with light. Well, except for when you pull your phone out of your pocket — the panel goes on blast and your eyes are the worse for it. Plenty of people do and one such person has gone out of their way to request always-on display palm rejection from Google — and they're going to get it.

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OnePlus shares more about always-on display, ultra-wide video recording for 7 Pro, plus other OxygenOS improvements

In addition to providing fast and frequent updates, OnePlus is becoming one of the most communicative Android phone manufacturers: It's actually hearing and responding to requests for new features. Back in May, the company spoke out about reported issues and a handful of community requests for the 7 Pro — things like wide-angle video support, and an always-on display — and today it's providing further updates about those requests, as well as others.

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Google plans to add scrolling screenshots in Android R

The issue tracker is a good way to bring bugs and feature requests to Google's attention, but sometimes yelling at the guy who runs Android at Google is more effective. Google marked scrolling screenshots as "infeasible" in the issue tracker recently. At Google I/O this year, someone asked Dave Burke about that. Now, Burke has overruled the issue tracker decision, and scrolling screenshots will come to stock Android.

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[Update: Winner announced] OnePlus launches competition to design new OxygenOS feature

If you've ever thought you had a good idea for a new software feature for your phone but didn't think there was any point in sharing it with someone, now's your time to shine. OnePlus is running a Product Management Challenge (#PMChallenge) asking for your best new feature ideas, with some pretty decent prizes for the winner.

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Pixel feature request: Give us squeeze to take photos in Google Camera

The so-called Active Edge functionality on the Pixel 2 and 2 XL which allows you to squeeze the body of the phone to activate Google's Assistant is pretty polarizing. Even here at Android Police, our general staff consensus is that we trigger it more frequently by accident than intent. Not being able to easily remap the trigger is also a huge downer. But worse than that is the fact that right now in Google's own Camera app, it doesn't even do anything.

Well, Google, I have a suggestion: Why not give us a squeezable shutter like HTC phones?

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Hey Google: Alarms and timers should work seamlessly across all my devices

Alarms and timers are probably two of the things I use the Google Assistant for most often. Voice commands make setting them dead simple (especially important for the kitchen, when my hands are often covered in food), and I can use them on my phone, my Pixelbook, or one of my Google Homes.

The problem is that, for all the endpoint ubiquity of setting and managing these timers via the Assistant, I can't actually control or set timers for one device from another. That's kind of silly, and it's a feature I've been wanting for years now. If the appeal isn't obvious to you, let me just put it this way: Have you ever wanted to set an alarm or timer on your phone, only to have your Google Home respond to the query instead?

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