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Huawei is reviving smartphone leather backs with stitching

One day bootleg pants are all the rage, the next it's considered a faux-pas to wear one and everyone moves to skinny leg pants. A couple of years later, bootleg pants are back in style and you feel like you understand nothing about nothing because you just threw yours in the trash. Just like clothing fashion, smartphone design goes through cycles. A few years ago, the Note 3 started the trend of using faux-leather with stitching on the back and so followed the Note 3 Neo, Note 4, and Note Edge. Not to be outdone by it, LG carried on the torch with the LG G4 and its middle stripe stitch, but the style pretty much died with it.

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Samsung Russia Announces Galaxy S4 And S4 Mini 'Black Edition' With Galaxy Note-Style Faux Leather Back

Samsung has become that one friend you've got who suddenly decides he wears a fedora. No matter how many times you tell him that he looks less like a debonair time traveler than a guy who raided his grandfather's closet, he just won't take it off. Russian blog Hi-Tech Mail spotted the new Galaxy S4 'Black Edition' on Samsung's Russian page this morning, and a similar variant of the S4 Mini was later found. Both of them use the faux leather back from the Galaxy Note 3 and later Samsung designs.

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Both phones are essentially identical to the original models aside from the new fashionable affectations, and they'll sell for 22,990 rubles and 15,990 rubles respectively (about $650 and $450) starting in February.

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