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Instagram is finally working on seek bar for videos — hello 2005!

Some luxuries of our online lives can be gravely underestimated until you hit some nook or cranny of the World Wide Web that doesn't have them. Take seek bars in videos. Have you ever stopped to think how awesome they are? You can skip forward if you're not interested in what's happening now but would like to check if there's something else down the line in that video. Or you can go back and re-watch what you missed or misunderstood. None of it sounds like an indulgent ask until you open Instagram. The social platform has been averse to such an extravagant feature, but seems to be working on it now.

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Chrome Dev and Canary have a new video player, with YouTube's double-tap media controls

The video player on Chrome for Android has always closely mirrored (or looked identical to) the desktop Chrome video player. There's a play/pause button, a timeline, and whatever other controls the site has enabled (full-screen, volume, download, etc.). A brand new video player has appeared in Chrome Dev and Canary, with the same double-tap to fast-forward/rewind that the YouTube app added earlier this year.

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YouTube officially enables double-tap gesture to jump 10 seconds forward or backward

If you've been following along with various teardowns and reported tests, you know YouTube has been working to select an implementation for quickly and easily shifting small increments in a video's timeline. The wait appears to be over. Earlier today, the YouTube app's Play Store listing was updated to note that the quick seek feature is new in the app – that's probably about as official as we're going to see.

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YouTube v11.47 is testing double tap to seek and it can be enabled temporarily [APK Download]

If you're anything like me, you've been eagerly looking forward to the day we might finally have a way to jump short spans of time in the YouTube app. Don't get me wrong, the seek bar is great for videos if they're only a few minutes in length. However, it's not so effective if you're watching a 2-hour video and want to rewind 20 seconds to rewatch the last thing that happened.

Signs of rewind and fast forward functionality began appearing in YouTube more than a year ago, and a small number of people even got to use it, but that turned out to be a false start.

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YouTube v11.45 resumes work on quick seeking and live broadcasting from mobile [APK Teardown + Download]

YouTube v11.45 began its rollout to users yesterday. There aren't any obvious changes within the app, but there are a few things to see outside of it if you're running on a device that sees either round launcher icons or app shortcuts. But that's not all there is to check out. A teardown of the APK lends some new details about a couple of previously discussed features coming to YouTube in the future.

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YouTube v11.38 prepares double-tap to seek and a setting to limit max video resolution [APK Teardown]

Many of Google's most recent updates have been relatively light on features, turning instead towards cleaning up bugs. However, that doesn't mean there aren't still new things in the works. A couple of recent YouTube updates have been preparing some new features and we've got a teardown to reveal what users can probably look forward to in the future.

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Photos v1.16 Adds Fast Forward And Rewind Buttons To Its Video Player [APK Download]

Today has been pretty slow for updates, so far, but sometimes that's just how Google rolls. There is at least one notable feature from this morning's release of Photos v1.16, and it brings a neat little improvement to the built-in video player: fast forward and rewind buttons. There are also a couple of odd UI tweaks related to album sharing. A new bug also snuck into this version, so be wary. As always, we've got a link to the download at the bottom. Oh, and stay tuned for a teardown with even more stuff from this version.

What's New

Fast Forward and Rewind

2016-03-16 19.33.23

The app may be called Photos, but it handles videos, as well.

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YouTube v10.43 Cleans Up Some Icons And Prepares To Add Fast Forward And Rewind [APK Teardown + Download]

Since the launch of YouTube Red, there have already been a couple of minor updates to fix little bugs and make further tweaks to the interface. The most recent upgrade, version 10.43, just started rolling out this morning and it appears to share the same purpose. However, a teardown also reveals YouTube is preparing to introduce a feature many of us have been dying to see: fast forward and rewind.

What's New

2015-10-31 23.53.512015-10-31 23.53.41

Left: previous versions. Right: latest versions.

There were a few visual tweaks in this version and the last. This release changed the icons in the playback overlay to smaller, sharper images with a brighter white color.

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