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Popular iOS Racing Game 'Racing Rivals' Makes Its Way To Android, Available Now In Google Play

If you like cars that go way too fast beside (or at least near) each other, there's a good chance you're into some form of auto racing. While that in itself can be a pretty expensive hobby, you can supplement your desire to drive way too fast with games on your smartphone. Yes, I know it's not the same thing, I'm just trying to save you a few hundred thousand dollars, OK?

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Need For Speed: Most Wanted Hits Android, Available In The Play Store For $7

Most people love fast cars. Vin Diesel loves them. Will Ferrell has been known to go 'round the track a time or two. Heck, even Tracy Chapman needed a fast car at one point. Driving fast is a thing that, by nature, we like to do. However, it's usually not the best idea jump behind the wheel and hit fifth gear at full throttle. For that, we have video games. All of the fast, none of the wreck/death/ticket/jail time/other bad things.

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Death Race-Inspired Game 'Carmageddon' Making Its Way To Android

If there are two things that go together like peas and carrots, it's fast cars and killing people. In a virtual world, that is. We don't condone the killing of actual people here at Android Police.

If these are two things that you just can't get enough of, though, then the upcoming remake of the 90's classic Carmageddon is sure to put a smile on your face. It certianly did mine.

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