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Harvest Moon: Seeds Of Memories Brings The Original Farming Simulator To Android For Ten Bucks

I've never understood why farming seems to have such appeal in a digital form. I've done some real farming, sweating my ass off in the Texas summer to try and get hay out of the ground using nothing but prayers and cow manure. It's simple honest work, but I don't think anyone could call it "fun." Then again I don't remember fairies or ice princesses or villages full of attractive and available women in my grandparents' back 40, so maybe farming is different in Japan, home of the venerated Harvest Moon series.

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Farming Simulator 2016 Plows Into The Play Store With Better Graphics, Different Crops, More Vehicles, And New Ways To Navigate The Rural Job Market

I'm from a part of Virginia where you learn different crops not because you're a farmer, but because there isn't much else to look at during the bus ride to school. Similarly, you start to recognize different types of tractors not because you aspire to drive one someday, but because you've spent untold hours stuck behind them on a one lane road.

I moved away as soon as I got the chance, and while I don't yearn to return to such a place, I imagine there are rural expatriates who long to return to the smell of dirt and cow manure.

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A Full-Fledged Harvest Moon Game Is Coming To Android This Winter, And It's Not An Old Port

Japanese developer and publisher Natsume has announced that it's bringing the Harvest Moon franchise to Android for the first time. And this isn't a port of one of the many previous entries in the series. Harvest Moon: Seeds of Memories will be a full-blown sequel.

Android isn't the only platform getting its first crack at a proper Harvest Moon release. The farming sim is also coming to the Wii U, PC, and iOS. Only that last one has seen a Harvest Moon game before, but Frantic Farming was a puzzle game, not the farming sim fans have grown accustomed to.

Seeds of Memories gets its name from unlockable seeds players receive as rewards for completing tasks.

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