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Google Glass FAQ Updated To Permit Loaning Explorer Edition Unit, Still Forbids Selling As It Is Not "In The Explorer Spirit"

Just ask our own Ron Amadeo and he'll tell you there are a myriad of reasons Google Glass isn't like other computing devices. It changes the way you interact with data and contextual information, but it's also not a true consumer product just yet. The Google Glass Explorer Edition was released with a number of caveats, including the stipulation that owners were forbidden from selling or loaning the device to someone else.

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[Complete Guide] Root, Custom Recovery, Backup, And De-Bloat Your DROID BIONIC

WARNING: We are not responsible for any destruction of data, phones, or small animals resulting from your use of these instructions. Utilize them at your own risk. If you brick your BIONIC, head to this link.

OK, DROID BIONIC owners - I think it's finally safe-ish (well, as safe as it can be for the moment) to start tinkering with your phone a little. There's enough information out there now to reliably root, backup, and de-bloat your phone - with the ability to unbrick if you screw something up.

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