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[New Game] Orc Genocide Combines Tower Defense And Multiplayer Strategy, Kills More Orcs Than Aragorn

Four out of five fantasy authors agree: orcs are bad. Combine this rather simplistic notion with tower defense (and gloss over the fact that the player is creating his or her own army of unholy killing machines) and you've got Orc Genocide. The basic idea follows the super-popular tower defense genre pretty closely, but infuses it with more strategy and tactics than we've seen in a long time. The multiplayer options - both local and over a wireless LAN - are icing on the proverbial cake.

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Kemco Debuts English Version Of Aeon Avenger, Offering A Nostalgic RPG Experience Taking Players On An Adventure Through The Past, Present, And Future

Kemco Games, the team behind a slew of popular role-playing games for Android, has introduced the English version of Aeon Avenger today, bringing to market an impressively polished time-travelling RPG. Like Kemco's other RPGs, Aeon Avenger features gameplay reminiscent of old Final Fantasy adventures, and delivers a "story of revenge through time and space."

Aeon's story follows a young man named Lake, whose rural home town is attacked by "the man in black," who also murdered Lake's parents.

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