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Google starts testing Duplex-powered Assistant for Chrome that we first saw at I/O 2019

Back at I/O, Google announced a major expansion to its Assistant-based concierge automation engine, Duplex. Up until then, it would help people book restaurant tables and haircut appointments on the phone — it would soon be able to guide them through web orders and, in doing so, speeding up the entire process. We weren't told when we'd expect to see Duplex applied to the web, but the company has confirmed that its overall efforts are rolling out to movie ticket booking sites as Google Assistant in Chrome.

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Google commemorates May the 4th by integrating Fandango into Assistant

Google's no stranger to Star Wars-themed May the 4th promotions. Last year Android Pay offered dancing bugdroids with your purchase, and this year it's pushing discounted content on Google Play. But that's not all Google has planned for the date, the Assistant is also getting some Star Wars day love. Google's using Disney's corporate holiday as an opportunity to remind you that its Assistant can display showtimes when asked, now with Fandango-integrated checkout and seat selection.

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[Update: Valid for another week with new code] Deal Alert: Get $5 off all your Fandango purchases this month with Android Pay

Last month, Fandango added Android Pay support when checking out inside its app and provided a promo code for $3 off all purchases. That offer was said to last until July 5, but it looks like there's a new one and it's even better.

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Fandango adds Android Pay support, all purchases are $3 off this month when you use it

The Fandango app for Android isn't very good. It's just a web wrapper for the most part, and half the time when I try to buy tickets, the purchase times out and I have to try again. But now, there's one major reason to use it over the mobile site - Android Pay.

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Fandango, The Site That Sells You Movie Tickets, Acquires Flixster and Rotten Tomatoes

Consolidation is in the air. Fandango, the company behind that app or site you load up to order movie tickets online, has decided to purchase both Flixster and Rotten Tomatoes. This will give Fandango greater influence over which movies you discover, develop interest in, and ultimately watch.

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Fandango Movies For Tablets Hits The Market, Lets You Get The Deetz On The Latest Flicks From Your Honeycomb Device

There's no doubt that Fandango is one of the best apps for finding out what movies are playing in the local theatre, reading reviews, watching trailers, and even buying tickets. If you're just not into watching trailers or checking out movie details on you phone, though, then you should check out Fandango's newest app: Fandango Movies for Tablets.

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Like you would expect, Fandango for tablets makes good use of the much larger screen and offers all the same features that you're already accustomed to using on the phone version. This includes browsing movies, access to trailers and exclusive interviews, Fandango fan ratings and reviews, local showtimes, synopses, run times...

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