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Hands-On With Google Play Music's Family Plan – Trusting Relatives With Shared Music And Shared Payment Methods

Google announced family plans for Play Music (and YouTube Red) back in September alongside this year's Nexus lineup. The very competitively priced group subscription was made official yesterday and can be activated through the Play Music app. As it turns out, this isn't just a regular standalone subscription, but it's actually part of Google's new Family Groups that will ultimately bring app and media sharing to the Play Store.

Yes, sharing your music subscription means you're also sharing a credit card.

A pair of APK Teardowns from both the store and Play services gave away most of the details about how this system will eventually work.
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New T-Mobile Family Plan Promo Offers 4 Lines With 10GB Of Data Each For $120

After blowing past Sprint in the last quarter, T-Mobile is still pulling out all the stops to increase its subscriber numbers. The latest announcement is a new family plan with 10GB of non-shared data per line. The price varies based on how many lines you have, but the sweet spot is four at $120 total.

2015-07-14 10_44_31-Family Plans w_ 10GB 4G LTE Data Per Line _ Family Plans _ T-Mobile

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Spotify Announces Family Subscriptions In The US: $5 Each For Up To Four Additional Premium Accounts

Spotify has announced an option for families that allows them to add discounted accounts to a primary Spotify account, very much like a carrier family plan. After signing up for a standard $9.99 Spotify Premium subscription, users in the US can add up to four more premium accounts for $5 each, a 50% discount. A family of five can thus get a premium account for each member for a total of $29.99 a month.

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Each family member gets his or her own unique login, library, playlists, and access to ad-free and downloaded music on his or her computers, phones, tablets, and whatever else they have that runs Spotify.

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Beats Throws Its Name Into The Streaming Music Arena, Will Launch Beats Music On January 21st With A Focus On Family Plans

If Pandora, Spotify, Google Play Music All Access, Rdio, Rhapsody, or any of the other streaming music services just haven't been able to deliver the experience you're looking for, make way for the newcomer to the scene: Beats Music. It's launching January 21st with support for Android, iOS, and Windows Mobile (aside from the desktop, of course), and actually brings a couple of features that the other guys should pay attention to.


For starters, Beats will offer a family plan (!) for just $14.99 a month; the downside, however, is that it will only be available for AT&T subscribers with multi-line accounts.

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Sprint Mashes Up Friends And Family, Announces New "Framily" Plans With Data Caps And Device Financing

What do you get when you combine friends and family? You get a new Sprint marketing slogan known as "Framily." The Now Network is launching the new Framily Plans on January 10th and encouraging people – related or not – to get together on a single account. The mechanics of the Framily Plans are more than a little different than traditional family plans, though.

2014-01-07 17_17_45-Sprint Framily Plan

The cost of each line changes based on how many people are on the account. For example, you can be a Framily all by yourself for $55 per month. For 2 lines, each one costs $50 per month.

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T-Mobile's JUMP! Upgrade Plans And Simple Choice Family Plans Are Available Now

T-Mobile has made quite a splash with two new policies unveiled at last week's "Boldest Moves Yet" event. The JUMP! plan combines a trade-in program and insurance policy that lets you upgrade your phone every six months for a $10 monthly fee, and the Simple Choice Family Plans have some great values for families looking to save some cash on multiple lines. Both are live as of yesterday - you can start shopping on T-Mobile's website, or walk into your friendly neighborhood retail store.


The JUMP! plans in particular are interesting for our readership: pay $10 a month, and you can trade up to any new phone after six months, which you then begin paying off on T-Mobile's new "Uncarrier" model...

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Leak: Sprint Offering $400 Device Credit If You Port In A Family Plan With At Least 3 Lines Starting January 18th

There might be more appealing national networks to run your phone through, but Sprint is hoping to lure in more customers with some free money. A leaked internal Sprint doc indicates that a previously popular promotion is coming roaring back on January 18th. If you meet the qualifications to take advantage of this deal, it can mean big savings on a couple new smartphones.


Before you get too excited, you have to be opening a new account with Sprint, along with the following eligibility requirements:

  • IL [Independently Liable] customers activating 3-5 new handsets [read: phones only] on new lines of service
  • At least one line must be a port-in from another carrier
  • Customers must activate all phones on an Everything Share or Simply Everything Share plan

The independently liable stipulation is just referring to a line that you own, not one handled through an employer.

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AT&T's Mobile Share Plans Will Be Available Beginning On August 23rd

Several weeks ago, AT&T announced plans to begin offering shared data packages alongside its existing mobile plans. While availability wasn't released at the time, the company has just revealed that it is going to make these new shared packages available beginning on Thursday, August 23rd.

Shared data plans will allow families to have unlimited domestic talk and text, as well as share their monthly bandwidth across various devices, including smartphones, tablets, hotspots, and laptops. In many cases, this could save them money on their phone bills (depending on usage, of course).

AT&T has also released a small planner tool to help families decide which data package is right for them by selecting their devices and the average amount of data consumed on each.

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