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Samsung shows off 2018 Family Hub fridge with Bixby and SmartThings, and 146-inch 'The Wall' TV at CES

Samsung unveiled its first Family Hub fridge back in 2016, and the concept of a 'smart refrigerator' hasn't become any less ridiculous since then. Still, the company made a sequel last year, so people must be buying them. The third-generation model was unveiled at CES, along with an insane 146-inch TV that Samsung calls 'The Wall.'

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Samsung unveils its second-generation smart refrigerators, bringing new app partners and enhanced features

It looks like Samsung is still pushing the smart fridge thing. The electronics giant has introduced its newest Family Hub 2.0 connected refrigerators, bringing the number of models to ten. With the new version of the software, Samsung is bringing on new app partners and better integration. "A full range" of Samsung's popular 3- and 4-door French Door models will be supported, which obviously means more choices for consumers.

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