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Google Duo doesn't support Family Link accounts, so kids can't use Duo web

Being a parent in this digital age is a tough affair, so plenty of apps aim to help families manage their children's smartphone usage and online activities. Google's Family Link, which is available worldwide, is one such example, but as always, there's a delicate balance between features and restrictions. Duo is one of the latter.

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Google is rolling out more than 50 new family-friendly games and activities on Assistant

Google Assistant is more than a way to control your lights or find out how many miles are in a league (it's 3.45 miles). There are also some neat little games and bots with which to interact. Today, Google has rolled out more than 50 new games and activities for families with kids. Maybe just kids at heart, too.

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Family-Focused Social Network Life360 Acquires Romantic Messenger App Couple After Dinner And A Movie

It's Valentine's Day. We at Android Police won't belabor that particular point, but the family-focused social network provider Life360 will, because they've made a serendipitous purchase that just happens to coincide with this weekend. The company has purchased Couple, another targeted social app that goes after, well, couples. The announcement was made on Friday, but it's surprisingly lacking in any mention of a price, because huge denominations of money that aren't attached to large vehicles or small carbon concentrations aren't very romantic.

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Shuddle Arrives In The Play Store Toting A Hectic Group Of Kids From San Francisco

When you're hitting up the city and need to get from point A to point B, you turn to Uber. When you're looking to transport your kids, you turn to Shuddle. Fortunately, the service is now opening its doors to Android-using families.

Never heard of Shuddle? I understand. That's because it isn't available in your area (or mine either). In what should surprise no one, its drivers only navigate around the San Francisco Bay Area. The company comes from one of Sidecar's co-founders (another company that probably doesn't support your city).

Like other ride-sharing apps, Shuddle lets you request a trip and provide payment using your phone.

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