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Falcon Pro updated to v1.6, with AMP link previews, new media features, and double tap to like [APK Download]

If you don't like the official Twitter app you can be safe in the knowledge that you're not the only one. Thankfully there are numerous third-party clients that cater to the varying needs of Twitter's millions of users, and Falcon Pro 3 has been a popular option, even though the last update was back in December 2016. The developer seems to be actively supporting it once again and it's just been updated to v1.6, bringing several notable changes.

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Falcon Pro Developer Joaquim Vergès Joins Twitter To Improve Its First-Party App

Right now we're hearing about off-season trades and commitments for pro sports like the NFL, NBA, and NHL. A similar phenomenon has happened in the somewhat smaller world of Twitter clients for Android. Joaquim Vergès, the well-known developer of the Falcon Pro Twitter client, has been hired by Twitter itself. According to a series of tweets posted Friday afternoon, Vergès says that he's been hired specifically to work with the "Android core UI team."

Falcon Pro has won fans for being a full-featured Android client that outshines the first-party app in basically every respect, from interface to performance, even to supporting the built-in features of the Twitter platform itself.

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Falcon Pro Updated To v1.2 With A Light Theme, Easier Column Reordering/Removing, And More

The new Falcon Pro arrived a few months back with a nice design but very little in the way of features. It's slowly been building back up since then, and it's finally getting there. Today's update will probably win over some skeptics with new themes and column customization, among other things.

2015-06-09 09.30.13 2015-06-09 09.30.38

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The New Materialized Falcon Pro 3 Is Live In The Play Store With Multi-Account Support, Smart Automatic Refresh, And More

Falcon Pro was one of the first big Twitter clients to fall victim to the API token limits imposed by Twitter, eventually leading the developer to remove it from the Play Store. Now just a few weeks after announcing a material redesign of the app, here it is. Falcon Pro 3 is available in the Play Store with a (very) limited free trial and in-app purchases for the full version.

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Falcon Pro Updated To v2.1 With New Stats Page, Live Streaming Over Mobile Data, And Bug Fixes

Even though Falcon Pro has long since been pulled from the Play Store after running out of Twitter tokens, the developer continues to build updates to squash bugs and even add new features. Today's update brings Falcon Pro up to v2.1 and includes some much needed options and tweaks.

2014-01-06 01.47.30 2014-01-06 01.49.45 2014-01-06 01.55.40

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Falcon Pro Updates To v2.0.4 Outside Of The Play Store, Now Supports A Way To Blatantly Skirt Twitter's Token Limit

Falcon Pro users have had a front-row seat to quite a bit of drama over the last few months. The events started when the app struck its 100,000 user token limit, which lead to the developer to reset user tokens in an effort to reallocate them to active users. Eventually, all of the tokens were consumed again, in part to the addition of multi-account support, and another "reset" was announced. It turns out that the plan was to quietly spread some people to a brand new API key. Unfortunately, Twitter blocked most users from signing in with the new key, and Joaquim Verge, the developer of Falcon Pro, pulled it from the Play Store until a better solution could be found.

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PSA: Twitter Has Probably Revoked Falcon Pro's API Keys After Second Reset, Developer Removes App From Play Store [Update]

We all knew it couldn't go on forever. After resetting API tokens for a second time, Falcon Pro has apparently earned the ire of Twitter. According to developer Joaquim Vergès, Twitter seems to have shut the application down. And just after it got that spiffy new icon!

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Falcon Pro Officially Updated To Version 2.0 With Multi-Account Support, New UI, And More

After a short beta period, notable Twitter client Falcon Pro has gotten its big update to version 2.0. The headlining feature in this update is the new multi-account support, but there are a few more goodies in there.

nexusae0_2013-06-04-15.26.10 nexusae0_2013-06-04-15.26.59 nexusae0_2013-06-04-15.31.10 

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[Hands-On] Falcon Pro Version 2.0 Beta – New UI, Themes, And Multi-Account Support

Falcon Pro is the latest app to take advantage of Google's new Play Store beta program, and the developer is testing out some much anticipated features. The UI is flatter and more clean, a new theme is on-board, and there is finally multi-account support. Rejoice, brothers and sisters. Your prayers (complaints) have been answered.


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Falcon Pro Hits v1.9, Brings New Font, Moveable Action Bar, And Several Bug Fixes

When it comes to Twitter clients on Android, Falcon Pro is hard to beat. It's fast, functional, and dang pretty to look at. Aside from that, though, it's also very well-supported, as the dev is constantly adding new features or fixing bugs.

Screenshot_2013-05-09-09-19-36 Screenshot_2013-05-09-09-19-10 Screenshot_2013-05-09-09-22-42

Today's update is no different, as it brings a handful of new customizations to the client, including a "sexy" new font and the option to move the action bar to the bottom:

#v1.9 - 09/05/2013
- New : sexy font (still Roboto based)
- New : position holding in Lists
- New : load up to 1000 tweets / refresh
- New : option to set the action bar on the bottom.

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