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Huawei apologizes for passing off DSLR photos as phone shots once again

Huawei has a history of passing off DSLR photos as shots from its smartphones. The first incident took place back in 2016 when the company was promoting the P9, followed by two more cases in 2018 and 2019. In what appears to become a yearly occurrence, the company used DSLR photography again when it promoted a photography competition with pictures supposedly shot with Huawei devices.

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Huawei tries passing off DSLR shots as Nova 3 camera samples, gets caught in the most amusing way imaginable

Huawei's not very good at honest advertising. Remember when it photoshopped the bezels out of its P8 and P8max marketing photos? Or when it used a $4,500 DSLR to take P9 "camera samples"? The company has gotten caught in yet another act of deception, this time in an impossibly hilarious manner thanks to a slip-up from an actress involved.

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