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Google to fix Android Auto's intermittent failure to start with February security patch

For a system that is meant to be used while you're in a car, Android Auto has a few too many bugs. One of the most recent ones that has arisen is Android Auto's intermittent failure to even start when you get in the car and plug your phone in. Google has addressed this issue and says that the fix will be rolling out with the next security patch.

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Reports Suggest 2013 Nexus 7 Units Are Failing At An Alarming Rate, Not Likely A Result Of Firmware Updates

When we buy gadgets, it's usually with the expectation that their useful lifetime will carry us at least until we're ready to replace them, and hopefully well beyond. Most people assume their smartphones should last at least two years, in part because contract customers in the US are accustomed to unreasonably high upgrade prices for mid-term upgrades, and also because most manufacturers have adopted yearly release cycles that fit well with this pace. The expectations for tablets aren't as well defined, but most customers seem to want about 3 years or so. Even when we're done with a device, we want to be the ones to end the relationship, rather than wake up and find our hardware dead beyond hope.

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PSA: App Downloads From The Play Store Are Failing With Error 403 For Some, Best To Wait It Out [Updated]

Update [2/12]: It looks like the glitch is over with. Several people are reporting that downloads are working again and everything has returned to normal.

If you've been having trouble with 403 errors while attempting to download new or updated versions of apps from the Play Store, welcome to the club. Reports have been popping up all over the Internet from people experiencing the same issue. Unlike the infamous Package File Invalid Error, the glitch appears to be persistent, preventing any and all downloads from starting. The problem is almost certainly tied to the Play Store servers, so it's best to just wait until Google gets it sorted out.

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[Editorial] Google TV Is Bad, And Google Should Feel Bad

Last night, I finally sold my Logitech Revue.

Why? Google's absolute silence on Google TV (GTV) during I/O keynotes represented, as I saw it, the last straw for the platform (at least in its current state). Of course, Google TV hasn't really seen much action since last fall, but after former Google CEO Eric Schmidt promised big, magical things for this summer, it seemed Mountain View might still have some GTV tricks up its sleeves. As it turns out, those sleeves were empty, and the company now seems to view its attempt to save us from cable boxes as a dead horse.

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Alternative Android Market BloomWorlds Dead Before Arrival - Here Are The Startup Lessons They've Learned (And You Should Too)

Have you heard of BloomWorlds? Chances are you probably haven't, because even though I've been seeing intermittent updates about it on and off for the past year and a half, they never actually came out with a product, which was supposed to be a family-friendly, curated Android market. As of today, the project is shut down, and the post mortem report filled with reasons for its failure is sitting in our inboxes. And now your screens.

I've heard a lot of talk, and one of the founders even fruitlessly spent hours buying Brian and me drinks at CES trying to convince us that their market had a chance.

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Google Maps 4.6 Goes Up, Android Market Goes Down...

As you may have noticed over the last couple of days, the Android Market hasn't been doing too well. Downloads have started, and then failed, failed to start, started to fail, and just generally failed in every imaginable way. There once was a time when clearing such-and-such cache would fix this sporadic issue, but it seems that even this black magic no longer suffices. Threads have been popping up all over the Android-tinted corners of the 'net with people unable to download anything from the Market.

This happens to coincide nicely with a Google Maps 4.6 update, which is said to bring some new and improved search features.

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HTC Desire HD Stricken With Proximity Sensor Issues?

You may envy those who have their hands on a Desire HD already, but early-adoption is rose-like with its obligatory thorns attached. Many owners on XDA-Developers are reporting issues with their phone's screen when making and receiving calls. Outbound calls appear to deactivate the screen permanently and render the phone entirely unresponsive,  save for a battery-pull and fresh boot. Receipt of calls conversely keeps the screen on and active, even when pressed against your ear.

The issue seems to be tied to the light-sensor , with some users noticing their device not experiencing the aforementioned problems in brightly-lit conditions. It seems like a buggy software implementation which should be quite easily fixed with an OTA, but it is unfortunate to see the device shipping with this misbehaviour included.

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