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Instagram 6.19.0 Brings Color And Fade Tools, Available Now In Google Play

Back in December, Instagram made available some new filters for the first time since the app's arrival on Android. These new tools brought even more creative freedom (I know, that's a matter of opinion - just go with it, OK?) to the app, and most hardcore IG users surely appreciated the new options.

Screenshot 2015-04-07 at 1.24.49 PM

Today, update 6.19.0 is rolling out to Google Play, and it brings a couple of other new tools to the platform: Color and Fade.

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PowerAMP Updated To Build 369, Brings Crossfade, True Gapless Support, Bug Fixes

PowerAMP, hands down the best music player in the Android Market, was updated today to include a couple of long-sought features, most notably true gapless playback and crossfading between tracks. Gapless playback is pure joy for people who listen to a lot of mixtapes broken down into individual songs, and crossfading is the icing on the cake, preferred by many music lovers.

wm_snap20110504_184819 wm_snap20110504_184808

Other notable additions include .cue file support, a silence remover, backing up and restoring settings into the cloud (finally someone's implementing this functionality available ever since Froyo!), and a host of bug fixes.

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