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Google Image Search picks up fact check labels and summaries

Google is bringing fact-checking to its Google Image Search results, via a new "fact check" label that will appear beneath thumbnails for some images. The expanded image view will also show further details including a summary of the fact check from the linked page. The new fact check labels will appear for image results that surface from fact-checking websites from articles either about a specific image, or which reference it.

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YouTube starts showing fact check cards in the US, because gullibility is a worldwide problem

After initial releases in Brazil and India last year, YouTube will begin to show fact check information panels in the United States. The panels will appear at the top of search results for current topics with questionable veracity such as supposed medicines against the novel coronavirus.

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YouTube will soon tell you that the world isn't flat, vaccines work, and other obvious truths

According to BuzzFeed, YouTube is testing out a new feature which shows fact-check warnings when searching for content known to spread misinformation. The feature is currently live for some users in India and shows "information panels" on search results (not videos themselves) which provide disclaimers acquired from YouTube's fact-checking partners.

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Fact Check goes global for Search and Google News results

The internet is a vast, wonderful, and sometimes dangerous place that allows for most people to find troves of information. Unfortunately, as we all know, not all of that is factually true. Back in October, Google introduced a method for publishers in certain countries to display a "Fact Check" tag next to their content in Search and News results. This signifies that the article had been verified as true by news and fact-checking organizations. The big announcement today is that this is rolling out globally in all languages.

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Google starts labeling fact-check articles in news articles

The web is a great vessel to spread information to everyone, but not all of that information is created equal. Between hoaxes, mis-informed articles, sensationalist headlines, mislead opinions presented as facts, there's a whole lot of wrong or incomplete data being given to people and not enough accurate and well-researched information.

Fact-Check websites and the International Fact-Checking Network aim to solve that problem by rigorously gathering all data and producing articles that are both thorough and accurate (or as accurate as possible given the details at hand at the time). And now these sites will have a visible label in news articles to make them stand out.

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Fact Check: Eldar Murtazin Definitely Did Not Say Anything About The Galaxy S7's "2-Day" Battery Life

If you're not aware of the existence of a man named Eldar Murtazin, I'm inclined to consider you lucky. But now you're about to hear of him anyway, because the sometimes-right (but often not) mobile industry veteran and serial rumor-monger was the subject of a spate of posts on blogs over the last two days for claims he didn't even make.

While I'm as quick as anyone to call BS on just about anything Murtazin claims, what happened recently with a decided non-statement of Murtazin's is a bit aggravating. Around a day-and-a-half ago, Murtazin tweeted the following.

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