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Microsoft merges advanced facial recognition and Bing image search in new Face Swap app

While Microsoft is undoubtedly better known for its productivity suite, the remit of in-house development studio The Garage is is a little broader and more playful. Not unlike the "20% time" projects at Google, Microsoft Garage is responsible for experiments that may or may not end up becoming fully-fledged products. The latest to see a full release after a few years of testing is Face Swap, an app that will automatically swap your face into any scene.

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Android Pay v1.22 prepares Visual ID facial recognition based on Hands Free and reveals testing for Brazil, Trinidad & Tobago, and Canada [APK Teardown]

Android Pay may not have had a massive launch, or has been as aggressively rolled out as Samsung Pay, but it is steadily setting up shop in more countries around the globe. If you don't happen to find yourself in one of the dozen countries that have either already seen a launch or at least have an official promise of one coming soon, you might be interested to know that Google has at least set its sights on a few other countries. Text in the latest update of the Android Pay app hints at four previously unannounced markets. There are also obvious signs Google is merging the recently closed Hands Free experiment into Android Pay and expanding it significantly.

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Google Photos v2.14 is preparing personalized experiences and sharing suggestions based around facial recognition [APK Teardown]

When the Photos app launched in 2015, Google had already been working on computer vision for many years. It was no surprise that object recognition was a major draw for the app, and automatic sorting of pictures by person with the use of facial recognition became a must-have feature. Google is now looking to leverage this technology to make the Photos app a bit more social. A teardown of the latest Photos update reveals the service will soon offer additional features based around facial recognition, and even encourage users to share pictures with the people detected in them.

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Google Photos details info page shows you the people inside a photo

Google Photos is really good at recognizing people in a photo and grouping their pics together. It's one feature I've come to rely on to find all the photos I have of specific friends or family members and even photos of "person X and person Y and person Z" together. But there were still a couple of small things missing from Photos' facial recognition like the option to manually tag a person in a pic or the ability to see who Google had recognized in a photo from the photo itself, not their dedicated page.

But the latter is now implemented. Actually, it was implemented at some point in the last few versions: I can confirm that it wasn't there in but it is live in, so it was added to Photos sometime between March 13 and 30.

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Google Glass Team Says Facial Recognition Apps Will Not Be Approved, But Can They Stop Anyone From Using One?

It was only a matter of time before the first facial recognition project for Google Glass was started. That project was announced earlier this week by Lambda Labs, and the Google Glass team has now backed away from the technology on Google+. According to the post, Google won't approve any "Glassware" utilizing facial recognition due to privacy concerns. The key word here is approve.


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Lambda Labs Releasing Facial Recognition API For Google Glass This Week (Whether You're Ready For It Or Not)

Lambda Labs, a small start-up out of San Francisco, is set to drag us kicking and screaming into the dystopian sci-fi future we all knew was coming. Okay, that might be overstating the point, but the company has announced its intention to release a facial recognition API for Google Glass this week. Should this pan out, you'll always have to wonder if that fellow wearing Google Glass remembered your name, kid's age, and occupation because he has a good memory, or because the cloud told him.


The Lambda Labs facial recognition API has been in operation since last year, and is currently used by about 1,000 developers.

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