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Facer v5.0 adds new watch face partners, a premium subscription, and more

What good is a smartwatch without some fancy custom watch faces to go with it? Facer has been one of the best sources for cusotmizable watch faces since the days before Google supported third-party watch faces. The app is forging ahead, even as interest in smartwatches has waned. The big v5.0 update adds more designers, including some traditional watchmakers. There's also a new premium subscription option that includes the full catalog of watch faces.

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Facer introduces watch face games to help you kill time (and your smartwatch's battery life)

A day or two of uptime for a smartwatch is accepted as the norm these days — a sad state of affairs, indeed. So when a nifty feature is introduced, excitement is immediately doused with the reality that it almost certainly means conceding some already-scanty battery life. Facer recently announced watch face games for Wear OS and Tizen smartwatches, and they seem like a clever take on uber-casual gaming worth your while if you're fine keeping that charger nearby.

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Facer update brings interactive watch faces to Wear OS

Don’t you wish your favorite Wear OS watch face could do more? Thanks to a huge new Facer update, it can!

Facer 4.6.0 adds support for interactive watch faces for the first time, giving users the ability to launch apps, play mini-games, trigger fun animations, and lots more right from their wrist.

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Facer Goes Freemium, Offers Lots Of Exclusive Watchface Designs And A New Online Editor

Before there was even a watchface API for Android Wear, Facer was the go-to app to create and customize your watch's design. The app was later updated to conform with Google's watchface API and has since enjoyed a nice spot as one of the best watchmakers for Android Wear. Competition has gone up however, with apps like Pujie Black and WatchMaker getting a share of the watch customization pie.

So Facer is now trying to grab more users and entice everyone to join its platform by lowering the entry barrier — and also seemingly planning an iOS launch for the Apple Watch.

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[Update: 4.4 Support Is Back] Facer Gets Updated With Material Design, Now Only Works With Wear 5.0

Update: Looks like Google let the developer restore 4.4 support to the existing app. can have Facer again.

When it comes to rolling your own watchfaces, few apps do it better than Facer. It's crazy-customizable, feature rich, and easy to use. I figure at this point most hardcore Wear users are sporting it (or have at least tried it out), and today it's getting a pretty significant update. Here's the long and short of it: the app itself is now using Material Design. Yay for that. However, it'll only work with devices running Wear 5.0, which only started rolling out today.

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Circuit Wear Watch Face For The Moto 360 Offers A Window Into The Anatomy Of Your Wristwatch

There are those who want to make their Moto 360 as elegant as possible. Some prefer to be a bit silly. But for those who want to demonstrate just how gutsy they can get, there's nothing like showing off the heart and soul of your gear. If this sounds like you, Circuit Wear for the Moto 360 might be your next watch face. What you're looking at is a photo of the circuit board lodged a mere couple of millimeters behind the screen, and it really is pretty neat.


Left: Watch face by itself, Center: Dimmed (with notification), Right: Notification Card

The board has been scaled up ever so slightly to fill the screen, representing the internals of the watch.

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