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Messenger Rooms video calls are now available on Facebook Portal screens

Videoconferencing is all the rage right now and Facebook, like any other big industry name, naturally wants a bigger slice of the pie. In a bid to do that, the tech giant buckled down to make its Zoom-rival Messenger Rooms ubiquitous across its several social media platforms. Now, Facebook's much-maligned smart screens are also getting support for Rooms along with a bunch of accompanying features.

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Nab a Facebook Portal Mini for just $80 ($50 off) for simple video calling with friends and family

When Facebook announced it was releasing the Portal series of devices for video calls, skepticism abounded. Development on the devices continued unabated though, and they've been extremely well-reviewed. Facebook has come out with several variants in the past two years, including 10" and 15" models; today, its 8" variant, the Facebook Portal Mini, is on sale for just $80.

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Facebook is reportedly working on a media streaming box with video chat for TVs

Facebook released its Portal smart displays back in October 2018 and is now reportedly working on expanding its ecosystem to TVs. Indeed, according to rumors, the social media network has approached steaming companies to discuss a potential partnership to bring their services to a new device made for TVs.

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Facebook finally releases Portal companion app for Android

Communication and information display have started to move beyond the smartphone to smart displays and dedicated video devices like the Facebook Portal. Speaking of which, the social media giant has pushed out an Android app for managing said Portal devices. You can now send photos to the Superframe, add accounts, call your Portal when you're away from home, and manage your favorites.

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Facebook Portal coming to Europe, will soon support WhatsApp

Facebook's totally-not-a-surveillance-device, the Portal smart display, was released in October of last year. Despite the company's abhorrent record with user privacy, the Portal seems to be fairly popular, and now Facebook is bringing it to more regions and adding new features.

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Facebook Portal is already $50 off ($150) at Best Buy on Black Friday

Facebook's recently-revealed Portal video calling device is already getting a price cut for Black Friday at Best Buy. The 10.1" Portal is going for $149.99, which lets you save $50 on the video calling product that just debuted on Nov. 8.

Facebook's products, which it steadfastly reminds us were "built with privacy and security in mind," are available in two flavors: the smaller 10-inch screen Portal for $199, and the larger Portal+ that can be rotated for $349. Both feature Amazon Alexa support and allow for calling contacts via Facebook Messenger. The products also include a special cover to ensure the camera is inaccessible when not in use as well.

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Facebook-made smart display will reportedly be announced this week

Facebook has been working on something akin to an Echo Show or smart display for a while now. After the Cambridge Analytica scandal, Facebook decided to put the plans on hold. Now it appears the device could launch as soon as this coming week.

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