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Facebook wants to make Pages more transparent

Like most social networks, Facebook has a fake news problem. The company has been trying to fight misinformation on its platform, and popular Facebook pages are a major source of that. Facebook has announced a series of changes coming to pages, with the goal of improving security and transparency.

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Hootsuite Updates Its App With A Fresh Coat Of Material Design And Improved Facebook Pages Functionality

The Material fever has struck again and this time it took over the Hootsuite social application. The service, which supports both Twitter and Facebook (along with LinkedIn and Foursquare), has moved from a very Holo design to a more or less Material one that sits quite comfortably on Lollipop devices.

Included are a transparent status bar, a colorized tab bar, a navigation drawer that slides on top of the entire app (but below the status bar), a FAB for quickly posting a new message, and appropriate icons in the drawer. Animations are mysteriously absent, the only effects I saw were when you try to tap a post or when you drop down the account selector while typing.

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Facebook Pages Manager App Updated To 1.4 With Photo Albums, Drafts, And The Mighty Banhammer

Facebook Pages Manager is the odd man out in the social network's Android suite, but it's indispensable if you've got a public image to maintain. The Pages Manager lets companies or individuals manage their separate likeable identities. Yesterday's update (version 1.4) adds a number of features from Facebook on the web, including the ability to add albums to your page, save drafts for editing later, and adding posts to a specific event. Oh, and one absolutely vital function: kicking the trolls and whiners off of your digital turf right from your phone.

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To delete a comment and/or ban the commenter, tap the comment and select your action.

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Facebook Pages Manager Updated To v1.2 With Some New Features, Fixes To Annoying Quirks

If you have a Facebook page for a group, business, or the like, then you should have Facebook Pages Manager installed. Otherwise, it's pretty difficult to do anything with that page while on-the-go. If you've already been using FBPM for a while, then you're probably familiar with its quirks, as well as its missing features. Facebook is looking to alleviate at least a bit of your frustration, as the company pushed a small update today that actually brings some fixes and adds new functionality to the app:

What's in this version:

• Turn push notifications on or off for each Page
• Upload a photo to a specific album
• Attach a photo to a status update
• Change profile and cover photos
• Save a shortcut to a Page on your phone's home screen
• Share links from other apps to Pages Manager

And in one fell swoop, Pages Manager becomes more useful.

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