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Facebook Messenger's Video Calling Feature Is Now Available Worldwide


Facebook Adds Free Video Calling To Messenger App, No Update Required

Facebook Messenger is adding a feature that, if you didn't use it, you would expect to already have. With today's addition of video chat capability, it has parity with the desktop chat interface that has long supported this. As a server-side switch, you should have this available so long as you are using a reasonably new version of the app.


As you see in the image above, there is a camera icon at the top of the conversation that will initiate the video chat.

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Facebook Publishes A Handful Of Android Apps For Its New Messenger Platform

Facebook's internal instant messenger isn't so internal now: it's a stand-alone app platform that will operate in conjunction with the social network, and developers of every flavor can integrate their apps with Messenger. Naturally the first apps to take advantage of this come from Facebook itself: new apps include Selfied, Shout, Sound Clips, and Strobe, and the older Stickered app has been updated, all with the "for Messenger" label.

They're simple little tools or toys that add a bit of fun to Messenger.

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Facebook Turns Messenger Into A Platform, Because Placing Apps Inside Of Apps Means More Apps For You

Facebook desperately wants to make itself an indispensable part of your mobile life. Selling phones didn't work, nor did replacing your homescreen. The company has had its share of misses, but Messenger has been an unambiguous win. The client has been adopted by hundreds of millions of users.

At this year's F8 (Facebook's annual developers' conference), the company fleshed out ways in which it intends to turn Messenger into a platform of its own.

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Facebook Messenger Lets You Celebrate The New Year With A Themed Selfie

There's little going on in the world of Android at the moment, and the holidays are why. Today many of us are celebrating New Year's Eve, so instead of major software updates, we get themed selfies. People firing up the Facebook Messenger app are seeing the option to celebrate the new year with a photo pop up at the top of their screens. Clicking the banner activates the front-facing camera and applies a festive overlay.

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Facebook Sticks With The Sticker Fad, Brings Stickered For Messenger Into The Play Store

You know what would make me use Facebook Messenger more? (... Said no one ever, but let's just pretend, OK guys?) If I could send my friends photos with a bunch of stickers plastered all over them. Thinking that it's a great idea 4SHO (that's one of the stickers), some developers at Facebook's Creative Labs took it upon themselves to turn it into a reality. The result is Stickered for Messenger, an app that is as full of Kawaii as it sounds.

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Facebook Messenger Update Adds Text And Doodle Editing For Local Photos

Although Facebook recently passed the 500 million download mark with their semi-detached Messenger app, it looks like they're not content to rest on their laurels. After adding full Android Wear support and video uploads to the app, Facebook's latest adjustment gives users the power to edit photos before sending them to chat contacts. Well, sort of - it's the kind of editing you can do with a Polaroid photo and a Sharpie marker.

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Facebook Messenger Updated With Android Wear Support

Facebook isn't usually known for embracing new Android features quickly, but Android Wear is getting a fair shake from the social network. Facebook Messenger v9 includes a few features especially for those of you who have Google-y watches on your wrists.

q w ew r

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[Updated] Facebook Messenger Beta Hits v6.0, Brings Instant Video Sharing And Really Big Likes

If you chat it up on Facebook often (hey, it's OK, we're not passing judgment), then good news is afoot: you can now send videos over the messaging service. Only short videos need apply, however – you'll have to keep it under 15 seconds, much like Instagram. Users take videos directly from within Messenger's camera feature, which makes it easy to grab a quick vid.

And when you receive a video from your friends, you can show your enthusiasm and support with Messenger's other new feature: BIG LIKES.

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Facebook Messenger Updated To Version 5.0 With A Built-In Selfie Cam, Video Uploads, And Quick Links For Photos And Voice Messages

Facebook's entry into the alternative SMS game has quickly reached its fifth release. This update doesn't contain a huge visual overhaul, but it does have some impressive new additions to the main chat window that will make it easier to send all your non-textual communications. The update should be live for everyone now - check the Play Store if you want it immediately, or just wait for the alert or auto-download.

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