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Facebook Messenger Might Soon Get SMS Integration, Multiple Accounts, And A Blue Action Bar

The Facebook Messenger team is on an A/B server-side testing spree. It's only a couple of weeks ago that we reported how some users had spotted the app with a new Material Design makeover, but it seems that this wasn't the end of the Material improvements. And that's not even the only modification that's being tested for some users. There's the return or SMS integration and multiple account support too. Here's the breakdown.

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Facebook Is Testing A Slightly More Material Look For Messenger, FAB Included

Facebook Messenger on Android doesn't look exactly Material, but it seems modern. Well, at least more modern than the regular Facebook application. And often times it feels like the developers working on these two apps are completely different teams because the Messenger one seems willing to experiment and try new things and go in weird and fun new directions, whereas the Facebook app team is just stuck in its ways.

One change that might be headed to Facebook Messenger is a cleaner look with a hint of Material Design inspiration. The most visible change is the switch from the full-width bottom blue bar to the blue floating action button (FAB) that lets you start new conversations.

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Facebook Messenger Gets Photo Magic Sharing, Chat Customizations, And Some Festive Decorations

You've decorated your house, you've put on a festive watch face, you can't help but see red and green Christmas stuff everywhere you go, so what about decorating your phone's messenger app? After all, this is probably the thing you look at most during the day, so adding some jolly good spirit would go a long way in making the holiday charm follow you all the time. Facebook agrees and so it has updated its Messenger application with lots of customization options and some end-of-year themed options.

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Facebook Unveils M, A Virtual Assistant Inside Messenger That's Partly People Powered

Facebook is getting in on the digital assistant game currently occupied by the likes of Google Now, Apple's Siri, and Microsoft's Cortana. But the social network is taking a different approach with M, the name of its virtual pal. This little helper waits around inside Messenger to answer your questions, and in those instances when its algorithms can't come up with a solution, there are real people working behind the scenes who can.

That's right, Facebook says that M's artificial intelligence is trained and supervised by real people. This partially confirms the Moneypenny rumor circulating last month that the company was developing a digital assistant of its own.

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Report: Facebook Is Working On A Personal Assistant Called 'Moneypenny' To Compete With Google Now, Possibly Use Humans To Perform For-Fee Tasks

According to an anonymously-sourced report from The Information, Facebook is working on their own entry into the virtual assistant market. Unlike Google Now, Siri, and Cortana, however, early indications are that Moneypenny—the current name used internally to refer to Facebook's offering—could be more service-oriented than the machine-driven, contextually-aware competition.

It is expected to be integrated with Messenger, but it would likely be a waste if it were not a part of Facebook's web and mobile interface as well.

At this point, details are very sparse. The Information speculates that Moneypenny may resemble startups like Magic and GoButler, which use humans to fulfill user requests for a fee.

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You Can Now Sign Up For Facebook Messenger Without A Facebook Account

Facebook would really appreciate it if you would help them take over the world. You know, if you're not too busy or anything. To that end, they've decided to make Facebook Messenger (recently graduated from a simple social network feature to a quasi-platform) truly stand on its own. So now you can use Facebook Messenger even if you're not one of the billion or so people with a Facebook account - or even if you are, and you don't want to associate your account with your messages.


Facebook made the announcement in its official Newsroom blog, encouraging new users to simply use their phone numbers to create a Messenger profile.

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Facebook Messenger Becomes The 10th Android App With Enough Installs To Join The Billionaire Club

"Don't forget me, guys," Facebook Messenger said as it scooted in through the door that nearly closed in its face.

"Sorry, didn't see you coming," YouTube said. "You have one billion views?"

"Installs, and yes," Gmail said, putting down a bottle of something expensive and walking over. "See?"

Screenshot 2015-06-09 at 2.19.56 PM

"It was only a matter of time," Gmail, the oldest member of the club, continued. "I started drafting Messenger's invite back when Facebook first got in."

Gmail gestured its glass towards the table where Facebook was seated, networking with a couple of apps it didn't like.

"Yeah, I never received that message," Facebook Messenger said.

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Facebook Messenger Now Lets You Send Locations As Messages

The Facebook app takes a lot of heat (and with good reason), but the Facebook Messenger app is actually pretty alright at what it does. There's a new feature rolling out to this app today that lets you send a location to your friends as a message. It doesn't even have to be your location, just a location.


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Touchless Chat Lets You Send And Reply To Messages On Hangouts, WhatsApp, Facebook, Telegram, And More Using Just Your Voice

joaomgcd's apps are usually about pushing your phone to do more with just your voice and some Google Now command integration, and Touchless Chat is no exception. The app takes the idea of interacting with your phone via voice commands and applies it to one area where I personally wished Google Now and Wear were better: sending messages to your contacts (ie initiating a conversation instead of just replying).

There are many layers to Touchless Chat and many ways of initiating a chat with a contact, but before we get into that, you'll need to give the app some permissions, mainly for accessibility, notification access, and device administrator. That's

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Facebook Messenger Will Now Provide Background On Strangers And Friends You Don't Talk With Often At The Beginning Of Chats

Beep. Hmm, someone's messaging me on Facebook.

Checks notification.

"Hey!!! How's life?"

Great, who is this person? "... Do I know you?"

"OMG F U MAN!!1!"

Okay, maybe the strangers messaging you weren't quite as hostile, but we've all been there. A stranger wants to chat, and now you're left contemplating how to respond.

Well, according to TechCrunch, Facebook Messenger is rolling out a way to help users better deal with this issue in France, India, the UK, and the US. Now when non-friends start a conversation, a brief bio will appear at the top of the chat. You will see their name, the city they've entered into their Facebook account, and any other biographical information they've made publicly available.

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