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[Update: Rolling out] Facebook Messenger may soon let you 'unsend' messages

You've almost certainly said something you regretted in a chat, whether it was because you were tired, angry, or just looking at the wrong conversation — but Facebook Messenger could soon get a feature that'll let you take those misguided statements back. Evidence has been found that an "unsend" option is in the works.

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[Update: Fixed] It's not just you: Facebook, Facebook Messenger, and Oculus are down, with WhatsApp affected

If your Facebook app hasn't been reloading or your messages haven't been sending, you're not alone. An outage has just hit Facebook, Facebook Messenger, and Oculus, with WhatsApp's functionality affected as well. Instagram appears to be running fine.

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Facebook Messenger 4's simplified user experience is rolling out worldwide starting today

A common complaint about Facebook's apps (and, really, apps in general) is that they suffer from feature creep: the tendency for products to add more and more often unwanted features on top of the core functionality they originally became popular for. Messenger is a prime example of this trend, having gone from a simple instant messaging app to sort of a bloated mess. Facebook wants to make that right with the simplified Messenger 4, which is rolling out to everyone starting today.

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Facebook's promised Messenger redesign is starting to roll out to some users

During its F8 2018 conference in May, Facebook previewed a major redesign to Messenger that it had teased earlier in the year, saying it would simplify the experience, remove some of the unnecessary interface elements, and put emphasis on the features most users want to get to quickly. Oh, and it should have a dark mode too. While the company said the new look would come soon, it took a bit over four months for us to see the first sign of it.

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Facebook Messenger has finally added an adaptive icon

Sometimes we report ground-breaking, interesting, and engaging news here on Android Police, but you all know that we don't shy away from the fluff either. And in that vein, we're here today to discuss a small, but very significant(TM) change in the Facebook Messenger app: following Instagram, it now has an adaptive icon too. It only took one year!

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Facebook Messenger Kids lets children add their own friends — with parental oversight

Facebook is currently rolling out a new passphrase feature to its Messenger Kids app, allowing children to send and accept friend requests on their own. Before anyone freaks out, it's important to note that both sets of parents still need to approve the connection.

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Facebook Messenger Kids getting new features focused on being nice, coming to Canada and Peru

Facebook's Messenger Kids came to Android early this year. The app is meant to provide a safer experience for children 13 and younger, having parents more involved in their online communications than they would otherwise be. If you were ever a child, though, you may remember that kids can be pretty mean. Evidently aware of this, Facebook has announced that Messenger Kids will be getting a number of features that encourage nice behavior.

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Facebook will soon allow users to permanently delete messages, after executives were caught doing it

Facebook continues to run into trouble regarding privacy. After the Cambridge Analytica scandal came to light, many people deleting their Facebook accounts realized that Messenger has been collecting call/SMS metadata for years. Now the company is once again under fire, this time for allowing executives to delete Facebook messages, when normal users never had that option.

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BlackBerry alleges Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram are infringing on BBM patents

BlackBerry Messenger was the iMessage of the late 2000s, especially since it was initially exclusive to the company's own hardware. BBM expanded to iOS and Android in 2013, but it has become mostly irrelevant thanks to competitors like WhatsApp and iMessage. BlackBerry is now suing Facebook and its subsidiaries (including WhatsApp and Instagram), alleging that Facebook is violating numerous BBM patents.

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Facebook's Messenger Kids app comes to the Play Store

Facebook has to tread carefully when it comes to making products and services for kids under the age of 13. However, it's not like it's hard for kids to lie about their age to gain access to all the wonderful and unspeakably terrible things on the internet. If kids are going to be sending messages over the internet, parents might want to give the child-friendly Messenger Kids a shot. It's launching on Android today with some special Valentine's Day features.

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