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That annoying Chromecast notification is coming from the Facebook app - here's how to fix it

Over the past few days Android users have been noticing an annoying notification that pops up after using the Facebook app and watching any video. It says "Cast Device Not Connected," and includes a play and close button... and that's it. The notification opens the Facebook app when it's tapped, but the buttons don't do anything and it can't be dismissed with the usual swipe. The only way to kill the notification is to force close Facebook.

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Facebook Rolls Out Beta Program For Messenger, Promises Monthly Features And Bug Fixes

Ever since Google rolled out public beta applications through the Play Store, some of the biggest names in the game have jumped on board to essentially crowdsource bug discovery in upcoming releases. Among those that are now offering users access to early versions of its software is Facebook, which released a beta version of its primary application earlier this year. The company has now done the same with its Messenger application.


In the official post about the beta program, Facebook promised to provide users with "a small batch of fixes and new features every month;" in return, it only asks that a bug report is submitted when an issue is encountered.

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Facebook Beta Version 3.5 Finally Gets Rid Of The Legacy Menu Button, Doesn't Need To Do Anything Else

Facebook's made a series of slip-ups in its transition to mobile. Their previous Facebook app, with its HTML5 underpinnings, was a slow and clunky mess. Facebook Home was launched to minimal interest, and the core app itself continues to stagnate. Through all of this, there has been one minor, but essential, change Facebook could implement to improve the experience for a sizable number of users. As of today, an update to the Facebook beta has finally done away with that unforgivable blemish - the legacy menu button is apparently no more! Just look at how much screen real estate is freed up when those space-hogging three dots are removed from the bottom of the Facebook app running on an HTC One.

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