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Facebook Is Testing A "Use Less Data" Switch In Its Android App

Facebook appears to be testing a new option in its Android app among some users that will make the app use less of your precious geebees. However, it doesn't appear to be anything beyond a simple photo resolution switcheroo, reducing the size of images that appear in your News Feed so that downloading them consumes less data. Interestingly, the toggle for the feature is positioned directly at the top of Facebook's labyrinthine sidebar menu, which is prime real estate. It's possible a wide rollout implementation would see this feature nested down in the settings area, though, and that this current placement is simply an attempt to maximize engagement with the toggle among users with whom it is being tested.

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Facebook's 7-Second Profile Videos Seem To Be Rolling Out More Widely On Android

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a 7-second videos is worth a whole several hundred thousand words — depending on the frame rate. So why would you want your Facebook profile to limit you to one photo when there's more to you, your duckface, your pets, your babies, your partner, your family, your latest food order, than any photo can hold? Why not choose a video montage of all of these things that matter most to you, or maybe a short video of you smiling or giggling or being sexy and cool, because how else will anyone know that you're most awesomest'est person on earth?

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Facebook Went To Africa To Make Its Android App Faster, Slimmer, And More Reliable

As one of the world's largest advocates for web access in emerging markets, Facebook obviously cares very much just how well its own platform works on mobile devices in those markets. As such, Facebook sent a team of product managers and engineers to various regions in Africa to learn more about just how people were using the service, on which devices, and what the major pain points for the app were.

Their findings will in no way whatsoever shock you: it wasn't fast enough, it used too much mobile data, it failed to load images pretty often, and the app was substantially overweight in terms of storage footprint.

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Facebook For Android Gets Updated - Now You Can Upload Pics Straight To Your Friends' Walls

Facebook for Android got updated today, bringing several new features to your Android social networking hub. The biggest addition is that you can now upload pictures directly to your friends' walls from your phone. You can also upload photos to Groups. Aside from that they added SSL for improved security, some additional photo uploading tweaks and various bug fixes.

You can check out the full changelog in the screenshot below, and head over to the Market to update.


Developer: Facebook
Price: Free+

Source: Android Market via Droid Life

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Facebook For Android Updated To Version 1.3 - Now With Less Suck

Facebook released an updated version of their Android app today and finally addressed many reported issues – namely, that it was underpowered in comparison to the Facebook app for the iPhone, or even the mobile site. Tonight’s update brings a slew of improvements, raising the app to a level that puts it on par with its sister app on iOS.

snap20100803_222235 old_FB

As you can see, the new app (left) is much improved over the old (right) – the most obvious new features being the photo bar along the bottom and the notification bar that now slides up, as well as adding Events, Messages, Search, and a… What’s New button.

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