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Facebook releases Facebook 360 for Gear VR

Facebook has been slowly increasing focus on sharing video, most notably with Facebook Live. Like Google Plus/YouTube, Facebook supports uploading 360-degree photos and video. If you have a Gear VR, you can now use Facebook's 'Facebook 360' application for viewing immersive content on the go.

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Facebook Adds 360-Degree Photos On Android, Videos In Comments Too

We're probably all used to the panorama or photospheres we can take on our phones these days - compared to a normal photo, both are just so much more immersive. Facebook's obviously picked up on this, and is rolling out support for 360 photos on the web, Android, and iOS via its 'Facebook 360' initiative.

Looking at the 360 photo of the Supreme Court from The New York Times, the viewing experience is really good - tilting the phone alters the viewpoint of the picture, moving it smoothly and cleanly on my Nexus 6P. Functionally, they appear to be the same as what you'd see in the Google Photos app or on the web, but there's something about having the feature on Facebook that just makes it seem more real, more mainstream.

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