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Instagram is adding Face Filters to live broadcasts soon

The war between Instagram and Snapchat rages on, and the newest weapon in Instagram's arsenal is the introduction of Face Filters to Live. So the next time you need to jump into a live broadcast to your friends, you'll be able to provide an appropriate sense of gravitas with a pair of rabbit ears. 

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Instagram adds face filters for all of your whimsical and entertaining selfie needs

Instagram is one of the social media platforms where I spend more time lurking in my feed than actively participating in others' photos or posting any myself. So the update rolling out for the Android version is not aimed at people like me, but here I am telling all of you about it. Isn't that just swell of me.

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Instagram introduces face filters, new camera features, and hashtag stickers

Instagram is getting some new features to appeal to your creative side. If you've been dying for some face filters for your posts or Direct messages, you can now have them. More features are also being added, like video rewind and hashtags right on the Stories that you post. Sounds... engaging.

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Snapseed 2.14 update brings new presets to the Face filter and target folder options, horizontal and vertical Perspective tool returns [APK Download]

Snapseed, the amazingly handy photo editor, received an update to v2.14 which brings along a few improvements. Both the Android and iOS versions now have the ability to center text horizontally and vertically in the Text tool. They also have access to some new Face filter presets for those fast enhancements.

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