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Google Photos rolls out manual face tagging: Tutorial, benefits, and a big asterisk

A few months ago, Google Photos product lead, David Lieb, told us that manually tagging faces was on the app's update roadmap. We didn't hear anything about the feature until last week, when XDA developers managed to find it hidden inside Photos v4.32 and enable it. Now, it's going live for some users, though there's an important asterisk to keep in mind.

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Chrome Beta 70 adds fingerprint login support for Web Authentication, enables TLS 1.3, and more [APK Download]

Chrome 69 was a massive update, as it brought a brand new interface to both desktop and mobile. Now that v69 is on stable, the beta channel has been updated to version 70. This isn't as big of an update as the previous release, but it still has a few important improvements - particularly for security.

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Google Clips can now recognize a few new actions, pair with multiple phones [APK Download]

Google's cute little AI camera, Clips, was made to take pictures at opportune times without human oversight. Previously, it was restricted to triggering at things like faces and poses. Now, though, Google has updated the device to recognize a few new scenarios you may want clips of, as well as pair with more than one phone to more easily share those clips with multiple people.

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Snapseed v2.17 adds tools to make wild facial adjustments, create double exposures, and more [APK Download]

Google may not be the first name most of us think of when we're talking about image editing, but some of the cool tricks available in the Snapseed app are constant reminders that the company has done an unimaginable amount of research into the field. The latest update to Snapseed brings a pretty cool new trick that allows users to slightly adjust the angle a person is facing in a photo. The same tool can also be used to make changes to the pupils, a smile, and even possibly correct some lens distortion. There is also a new mode to emulate double exposure, a classic trick used in the days of film photography.

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Google Photos on Android allows users to select different cover images for detected faces

The face detection feature in Google Photos is exceptionally good at picking people out of crowds and identifying known faces in very low resolution pictures. There are even some pretty killer algorithms for selecting pictures to use in collages and animations, but when it comes to choosing cover photos for those detected faces, it's not always perfect. Fortunately, Google Photos now allows users to select a different "feature photo" for contacts in face detection.

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Google Photos v2.4 adds in-album detection to people pages, dynamic filters and enhanced editing controls, and RAW support [APK Download + Teardown]

Google Photos is progressively building out its feature set. Version 2.4 began rolling out last week and it can now show which albums certain people appear in. This follows the addition of some newly enhanced editing controls and dynamic filters added with version 2.3 a couple of weeks ago, which will also be discussed in this post. All of this can be topped with with a couple of interesting hints at future additions found during a teardown, including initial support for RAW images.

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Google Photos v2.0 enables permanent sorting options for albums [APK Download]

Google Photos just made the jump to v2.0. Hurray! Oddly, it doesn't look like very much has changed, but there is one feature people have been looking forward to for a long time: permanent sorting for the contents of an album. That isn't the only difference we've seen, but most of the other details would be more easily described as fit-and-finish changes – basically polishing up the interface. However, the Photos team posted a changelog for the iOS version last week that also describes the addition of Live Photo support (which is exclusive to iOS since the movies are shared in another format) and the ability to change the thumbnail for detected faces.

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Street View can now automatically detect and blur faces, group unpublished 360 photos, and soon point out places that should be photographed [APK Download + Teardown]

Google is imbuing the Street View app with some clever new features in its latest update. This version adds automatic face detection for 360 photos for quick blurring, groups together unpublished 360 photos by place or time, and adds a share link to user profiles. Additionally, a teardown shows that there's a new feature on the way that will clue in ambitious users about nearby places that should be photographed.

What's New

Official Changelog:

  • Unpublished 360 photos will now group together based on place or time.
  • Automatically detect faces for blurs in 360 photos.
  • You can now share links to user profiles.
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Snapseed version 2.9 gets new tools for faces, perspective, white balance, and compression

Google bought photo editor Snapseed a little less than four years ago, and the developers have been steadily improving the app and adding new features since then. The latest version is 2.9, which started rolling out to new users yesterday and just hit the publicly-accessible Play Store a few hours ago. There's nothing mind-blowing in the updated version, but a handful of new features will make long-time users happy (and might get rid of one of the other photo apps you rely on concurrently).

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