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[Update: Now available] Facebook Dating announced, promptly causes's stock to plummet

Facebook's annual F8 developer event kicked off today, and the company had a number of pretty big announcements. Among them was news of plans to build a dating platform directly into its mobile apps—news investors in Match Group, the owner of a whole lot of online dating services including Tinder and, didn't take very well. As of this writing, the company's stock is down more than 20 percent.

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Instagram announces video chat, sharing to Stories from other apps, new bullying filter, and more

Facebook's F8 developer conference is underway in San Jose right now, and that means lots of new announcements about many of the company's products. It's funny to think the $1 billion acquisition of Instagram in 2012 was actually met with huge skepticism. The photo sharing app seems to have gone from strength to strength and has come out of the recent Facebook scandals largely unscathed.

Yesterday, Instagram announced a host of new features designed to help users share, connect, and discover. The most notable of the new additions is probably video chat. Live video on Instagram is already immensely popular, but now it will be possible to have a similar experience among a smaller group of friends.

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Facebook plans to build a 'Clear History' feature

Facebook has been roundly criticized in recent weeks for the way it handles user data, including allowing said user data to fall into the hands of political consultancy Cambridge Analytica. Facebook aims to address your concerns at this year's F8 conference. The company is announcing several privacy-oriented features including Clear History. It's not ready yet, but Facebook says this tool will show you where it's getting personal information on you and allow you to delete it.

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Facebook Messenger is testing yet more interface changes, with tabs and Instant Games section

We knew changes were incoming for Facebook Messenger after last month's F8 Developer Conference, during which the focus was largely on better discovery of bots and "Chat Extensions" to add those bots into group conversations. Now it seems Facebook is testing new UI changes, including top-level tabs and a games section in the bottom nav bar.

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Attack of the Bots: Facebook introduces new bots and new bot features in Messenger at F8

Facebook has released a whole lot of information from their latest F8 developer conference, and it looks like their drive to turn Messenger into its own platform for development is continuing full steam ahead. The conference started today and continues into tomorrow, but Facebook has already pushed out a number of press releases based on some of the things talked about there. Notable announcements include a Discovery tab in Messenger for finding more bots, QR code support, "Chat Extensions" that add bots into a group conversation, FAQ for bots, a VR demo, and more ways to use the M personal assistant.

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The Facebook Messenger Platform Is Gaining Support For Bots

Bots. They're coming. They're not after world domination. They don't want to entrap mankind in order to guarantee our safety. They simply want to talk.

And they're talking, alright. They're talking on Telegram. They're coming to Skype. Google apparently has another messaging service in the works, and they're making plans to talk all over that.

Now they're ready to host conversations in Facebook Messenger.

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Facebook Turns Messenger Into A Platform, Because Placing Apps Inside Of Apps Means More Apps For You

Facebook desperately wants to make itself an indispensable part of your mobile life. Selling phones didn't work, nor did replacing your homescreen. The company has had its share of misses, but Messenger has been an unambiguous win. The client has been adopted by hundreds of millions of users.

At this year's F8 (Facebook's annual developers' conference), the company fleshed out ways in which it intends to turn Messenger into a platform of its own. The social network is going to boost its instant messaging client with its own custom apps.


Here's the idea. Want to send GIFs, share audio, exchange funny photos, post stickers, or laugh at one another's Bitmoji?

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