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This Anker 20,000mAh power bank is down to $37 ($23 off) and comes with an 18W charger

If your devices tend to run low on battery while you're on the go, Anker's PowerCore Essential 20000 PD power bank is worth considering. It can charge two devices simultaneously, comes with an 18W wall charger, and is down to just $38 thanks to the promo code below, which is $23 less than the traditional MSRP.

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This RAVPower USB-C power bank packs 26,800mAh and three ports for $50 ($10 off)

Running out of power when you're on the go can be a real pain, but this RAVPower external battery has got you covered: It can charge a variety of devices thanks to its three ports and high capacity. It usually sells for $60, but you can now get it for $10 off on Amazon.

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Midweek deals: Save on Fitbit Charge 3, wireless earbuds, security cameras, and more

Hello, and welcome to the first installment of our midweek deals roundup for 2020. Now that the holiday season is behind us and the barrage of pre-Christmas sales has subsided, we're turning our attention to the latest batch of discounts that have popped up around the internet. This week, we found some great sales on the Fitbit Charge 3, wireless earbuds, charging accessories, and security cameras.

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Save up to 40% on Aukey earbuds, chargers, and power banks this Black Friday

Whether you're looking for earbuds, chargers, power banks, or cables, Aukey's got you covered this Black Friday. The brand's products are known for their affordability, and several of them are marked down on Amazon for Black Friday. Most of them are available for all buyers, with a handful being exclusively reserved for Prime members.

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Anker PowerCore+ 26800mAh PD power bank with USB-C and 30W charger down to all-time low of $68 ($62 off)

Power banks are particularly convenient when your battery is running low while you're on the go, but what if you carry several devices and need to charge them all at once? Anker's PowerCore+ 26800 PD has got your back, as it can charge up to three devices simultaneously, including your tablet and laptop. The product has dropped to $68 on Amazon, which is its lowest price ever, $62 off the original one.

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Anker's power banks and power station are up to $60 off on Amazon

If your devices tend to run out of battery, you might want to consider a power bank to fill them up on the go. Whether you're looking at charging your phone, tablet, or laptop, Anker's external batteries are a great solution to keep them powered up, especially if you want to plug several products at once. The company is discounting two power banks and a power station as part of its Labor Day sale, with capacities ranging from 10,000mAh to an impressive 57,600mAh.

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Grab a 10,000mAh power bank with wireless charging for only $17 from B&H ($13 off)

Power banks have become much more affordable these past few years, and many of them now come with built-in wireless charging for added convenience. B&H is currently selling one of the cheapest wireless ones around for just $17, instead of its original $30 MSRP.

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Anker Powerhouse 200 review: A $350 USB-C battery pack the size of a lunchbox

There are an incredible number of choices when it comes to smaller capacity batteries, but the selection of big, camping-sized units thins out substantially especially if you want comparatively modern amenities like Type-C charging and output. Anker's new Powerhouse 200 fills a slightly smaller niche than its older Powerhouse 120,000, together with the addition of a more modern connector, but its $350 asking price is too much given the compatibility issues and feature set.

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Nimble portable/wireless chargers review: Eco-friendly designs, but high prices for such low specs

Mophie is well known for both the quality of its products and the hefty price tag attached to them, so we were interested when we heard that a handful of its employees had splintered off to start a new, eco-mindful power accessory company called Nimble. With consumer cost-cutting recyclable packaging and a focus on renewable materials, we were curious to see if Nimble could disrupt the battery and charger status quo — a highly competitive market. Unfortunately, Nimble's specs and prices just can't beat the competition. 

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Mophie alums launch Nimble, a new eco-friendly accessory company

Mophie is a recognized name in the high-end electronics accessories space, and a few of the company's co-founders have just launched a new accessory brand called Nimble, with an eco-mindful twist: its products are made with more renewable and recyclable materials —bioplastics, hemp, and recycled water bottles — to reduce ewaste. From what we can tell, they don't sacrifice anything in style or function, either.

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