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[Deal Alert] Snag This Snazzy 12000mAh Aukey External Battery For Just $18 With An Amazon Coupon

External batteries don't have to look good. They're big chunks of lithium-polymer wrapped in plastic and USB ports. But there's no reason that they shouldn't! Check out this Aukey 12000mAh battery, for example: nothing special, nothing fancy, just clean lines, a black case, and an obvious purpose. If you squint it kind of looks like an obelisk from 2001. Today Amazon has a coupon that drops the already-reasonable $24.99 price down to $17.99 - that's just .15 cents per milliamp-hour!

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[Deal Alert] Omaker 15,600 mAh Portable Charger With Dual 2.1A Output Is $24.99 On Amazon After Extra $5 Off Coupon

It seems like portable chargers are getting smaller, cheaper, with a larger capacity all the time. What better example of this phenomenon than this Omaker external battery, which boasts 15,600 mAh and two USB output ports that push 2.1A, the amperage needed to charge tablets and some phones at faster than a snail's pace. The device itself supports 2.1A input too, so it should refuel reasonably quickly once you've drained it.


For reference, the new Samsung Galaxy S6 will have a 2550 mAh battery.

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[Deal Alert] Amazon Has The Lumsing 10,400mAh USB Battery Pack For $19.99

External battery packs are pretty simple. Unless you're specifically looking for something small or stylish, you generally want the biggest capacity for the cheapest price. One Amazon listing is delivering just that today: a 10,400mAh battery for $19.99. This Lumsing model should charge most Android smartphones at least three times over, more if you've got a smaller or older device. It doesn't look half bad, either - the description says it's designed to look like a harmonica, but I wouldn't recommend blowing into the holes.

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Anker 2nd Gen Astro Pro2 (20,000mAh) Quick Review: It Might Be Overkill, But It's Good Overkill

The trend with external batteries is to make them smaller and more portable while packing in as much capacity as possible. The new second generation Anker Pro2 doesn't so much eschew that trend as it takes the capacity thing way to the extreme. This external battery has a whopping 20,000mAh capacity, which obviously impacts the size. Still, it's somewhat slim for having so much juice. Should you make the room?

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