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Google preparing to end support for paid Chrome extensions

While many extensions are great for enhancing your browsing experience, they can be a tacky business for people who aren't at least somewhat familiar with the inner workings of browsers. Google noticed an influx of fraudulent paid extensions in January this year, and the situation only got worse when lockdowns first started and some people tried spreading misinformation or profiting off the pandemic through any channel they could find. With that in mind, Google has now decided to scrap paid extensions altogether.

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Mozilla promises expanded extensions support following controversial Firefox Android update

Mozilla has been working on a rewritten version of Firefox for Android, designed to be faster and easier to maintain, and it started rolling out to the stable channel last week. Even though the new version is absolutely an upgrade in some areas, replacing the older browser before the newer codebase had all the same features has proven to be an unpopular move.

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Mozilla's next-gen Firefox hits stable after a year of previews, without full extension support (APK Download)

Mozilla has been working on a brand new version of Firefox for Android, nicknamed 'Fenix,' for over a year at this point. The new codebase slowly trickled down from Preview to Beta, and at long last, the aging stable browser is now receiving the update. However, fans of the stable browser might still notice a few features missing.

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Firefox Preview is adding support for three new add-ons

Firefox Preview has only received a significant update with version 5.2 with improved tab management and voice search a few days ago, but Mozilla is already working on the next feature-filled update. The unstable Nightly now supports three new add-ons and sees smaller refinements to the three-button overflow menu. The dead-space custom tab bug that's plaguing the current Firefox Preview build is also nowhere to be seen.

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Google Chrome extensions found spying on users once again

According to a report by Reuters, researchers at Awake Security uncovered a new spyware campaign that threatened the security of Chrome users. Google removed the more than 70 offending extensions from the Chrome Web Store last month after being alerted to the malicious activity, but not before they were downloaded 32 million times by unsuspecting users.

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Chrome OS 83 released with Assistant media playback control and renameable virtual desktops

The coronavirus pandemic ruffled Chrome and Chrome OS releases quite a bit, so Google paused updates for a short time, even omitting version 82 altogether. But now the company is getting back on track and has announced the release of Chrome OS 83. It'll start rolling out to first people this week, and it brings a whole slew of neat improvements to the table. None of them are as big as the addition of gesture navigation we've seen in version 81, though.

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Google reveals privacy and security improvements coming soon to Chrome

Google Chrome hasn't implemented the extreme level of tracker/ad blocking that we've seen in other web browsers over the past few years (I'm sure Google's position as an advertising company has nothing to do with that), but it has been taking small steps. Google has proposed new web standards that would make fingerprinting and cross-site tracking much more difficult, and now the company is announcing some browser-level features that aim to improve privacy and security.

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Chrome Web Store cracks down on spam extensions and review manipulation

The Chrome Web Store is still something of a wild west — seemingly every month, there's a story about some popular extension stealing user data or doing something else it's not supposed to do. Google has already made several policy changes lately, and its next target is spammy extensions.

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Chromium-based Kiwi Browser is now completely open source

Kiwi made a name for itself as one of the only browsers that support extensions on Android. The app has also innovated on other parts of the Chromium base by adding a custom implementation of dark mode and by shipping with another take on a bottom bar interface that looks a lot like Google's early attempts at that design. Over the weekend, the developer has decided to make the software open source in order to share these achievements with others interested in building Chromium-based browsers.

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Firefox's revamped browser gets support for five more extensions (APK download)

Mozilla has been working on a rethought version of Firefox for Android for more than a year already, and things are starting to fall into place. In February, the browser received support for its first add-on, and now, two months later, Mozilla has announced that the Nightly release of the Preview software works with five more extensions.

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