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ZeroLemon releases its massive battery cases for the Pixel, Pixel XL, OnePlus 3/3T, and Moto Z

We love the idea of ZeroLemon's battery cases for phones. On paper, they should provide more protection for our beloved devices while also letting us abuse them more and more during the day without worrying about battery level because the phone is constantly sipping on power the entire time. But in reality, some of ZeroLemon's cases haven't been well thought-out (exhibit A). However, it looks that the company has learned a bit from its mistakes and is fixing some of them in its latest releases.

The 4 newest ZeroLemon battery cases to hit Amazon are for the Google Pixel (6500mAh) and Pixel XL (8500mAh), as well as the OnePlus 3 and OnePlus 3T (same case for both, 7500mAh), and the Moto Z (7500mAh).

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[Update: Now available] ZeroLemon's 8500mAh battery case for the Nexus 6P will be available later this month for $60

As a design element, the rear-mounted fingerprint scanner has its fans and its detractors. I'm going to bet that ZeroLemon, suppliers of almost ridiculous battery-boosting cases and replacement shells to the rich and poor, aren't fans. A big honking fingerprint sensor hanging out in the otherwise barren plains of a phone's rear housing means a big hole in any cases made for it, and thus less space to shove every possible spare milliamp into a battery case.

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ZeroLemon's latest gigantic battery-case is for the vanilla Galaxy S7: 7500mAh of extra juice for $60

ZeroLemon gets a lot of crap for making gigantic, bulky, and somewhat less than attractive cases and extensions that dramatically boost battery life. But you have to admit, they've found their niche and perfected it - the company wouldn't be releasing new models for most major flagship phones if there weren't a lot of people buying them. And so sometime after the fancier and larger Galaxy S7 Edge got the ZeroLemon treatment, now the standard model has a giant bulky plastic battery case all its own.

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ZeroLemon Releases A Giant 9000mAh Extended Battery For The LG V10 - Amazon Has It For $60

ZeroLemon, purveyor of enormous batteries and even bigger cases to the mobile masses, has another extended battery on offer. This time it's for the LG V10, the high-end phone with a weird little stock ticker screen above its primary panel. As with most of ZeroLemon's designs, it wraps around the entire phone with specific cutouts for buttons and ports. The extended battery is 9000mAh, exactly three times bigger than the V10's stock battery, and it's selling on Amazon for $60.

The V10 bucks the trend of slim and enclosed batteries in flagship phones, which means the extended battery can be attached directly to the phone's battery compartment without a pass-through port.

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ZeroLemon Releases 8500mAh External Battery Cases For The Galaxy Note 5 And Galaxy S6 Edge Plus For $60

With gigantic screens and the extra internal space that goes along with them, Samsung's plus-sized flagship phones already offer large batteries: 3000mAh for both the Galaxy Note 5 and the Galaxy S6 Edge Plus. But for some that just isn't enough, and that's where third-party battery supplier ZeroLemon shines. Both phones have sealed battery compartments, but the usual work-around is to build a giant battery into an even more giant phone case. So it is with ZeroLemon's latest offerings: enormous 8500mAh battery-cases for both devices.

The math works out to almost 3X battery life on a fully-charged case, plus the runtime of the phone's internal battery, though the electrical inefficiency of the external battery system probably means it won't last quite that long.

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ZeroLemon's 10,000mAh Extended Battery Will Turn Your Galaxy Note 4 Into An Everlasting Brick For $60

ZeroLemon loves to strap enormous batteries onto every phone that they can, and since they keep doing it for basically every new Samsung and LG high-end model, someone must be buying them. The latest phone to receive the company's blessings of longevity is the Galaxy Note 4, itself already one of the biggest phones around. A 10,000mAh battery and a replacement rear cover (which is really more like a case) can be yours for $59.99 on Amazon.

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The Galaxy Note 4's default removable battery is a generous 3220mAh, so the 10,000mAh replacement should last roughly three times as long as the phone alone (and it's already pretty good in that regard).

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ZeroLemon Is Back With Another Massive External Battery, This Time For The LG G3: 9000mAh For Just 60 Bucks

You don't buy a Maserati if you don't intend to do a little speeding, and you didn't buy that LG G3 with a removable battery just to stare at its faux metal cover. For the road warrior and the uptime enthusiast, it's all about expanded power capacity, and ZeroLemon never misses the opportunity to display some massive excess in that category. Their latest masterpiece is for the LG G3, with a 9,000mAh expanded battery that should roughly triple the phone's runtime.


Since the new battery is much bigger than the 3000mAh pack included with the G3, it's sold with a replacement rear cover that turns out to be something like an Otterbox case.

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ZeroLemon's 9500mAh Extended Battery For The LG G Pro 2 Is Now On Sale For $50

Regular Android Police readers know we're big fans of ZeroLemon's even bigger batteries for most flagship phones that can support them. If you've got an LG G Pro 2 (and preferably some oversized pockets as well), you can extend your untethered time by a considerable amount with the 9500mAh extended battery. The battery and its body-wrapping case are now on sale at Amazon for $49.99.

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The G Pro 2's battery is already among the largest standard phone batteries available at 3200mAh, so the ZeroLemon package should give you roughly triple the battery life on one charge. (Your results may vary of course - it's not unusual for extended batteries like this to get 5-15% less time than they "should.")

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ZeroLemon 7500mAh Extended Battery With Case For The Galaxy S5 On Sale As Of Today For $50

The Galaxy S5 already has pretty decent battery life, but ZeroLemon wants it to last quite a bit longer. The phone comes with 2800mAh of juice out of the box, but ZeroLemon has an extended battery, case included, that will bump that up to 7500mAh. That's over twice the battery life, and you can now get your hands on it through Amazon for $49.99.


This case will offer your phone some extra protection, but it does have a few drawbacks. Primarily, the phone will no longer be water resistant. The ZeroLemon branding is also a bit over the top, but I'm well aware that this isn't a deal breaker for tons of people.

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ZeroLemon Takes On The Nexus 4 With The Gigantic "Juicer" Case: $40 For A Swappable 2250mAh Battery

The trend towards integrated, non-removable batteries has caused much weeping and gnashing of teeth among the Android faithful, and nowhere is it more passionate than from the Nexus crowd. If you've been lamenting the Nexus 4's lack of a removable battery, ZeroLemon (purveyors of ridiculously huge extended batteries for major phones) has something they'd like you to see.


That's an external battery case, a form factor famous for turning svelte, short-lived iPhones into hulking bricks of longevity. The Nexus 4 doesn't fare much better. The ZeroLemon Juicer battery case makes the phone larger in every dimension adding 9 millimeters to its thickness, 12mm to its height, and 4mm to its width.

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