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COVID tracing app roundup: All of the countries and US states that currently offer exposure notification apps

If you're looking for your country's or state's official COVID Exposure Notification System app, you might not be able to find it thanks to the screwy way Google is handling the search function for COVID related apps on the Play Store. Despite the fact many apps are testing Google's ENS API, the tag is missing from a few listings, and even worse there are some apps you simply can't even search for on the Play Store. Since it would appear every country and US state is creating its own stand-alone app, some areas are lagging behind others, so it's tough to know if your location even has an app available.

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Apple and Google helping health authorities make quick COVID-tracking apps with Exposure Notifications Express

Apple and Google have been working on ways to allow every Android and iPhone user to receive coronavirus exposure notifications. Already seen in public health apps, we were told that those alerts would be pushed onto the OS level. But for governments having trouble with getting the API integrated, they can now sign up to get an app online fast with the Exposure Notifications Express program.

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