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Malaysian CEO reportedly killed in his sleep by exploding smartphone

Nazrin Hassan, CEO of Malaysian venture capital firm Cradle Fund, reportedly died of injuries caused when his cell phone exploded as he slept. The cause of death was initially said to be smoke inhalation — but according to a statement released by Cradle, Hassan died of "complication of blast injuries attributable to an exploding hand phone." It's not currently clear what type of phone was involved.

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Samsung Galaxy Note7 global recall due to exploding batteries could be imminent

We've been seeing reports of Galaxy Note7 devices exploding while being charged, but that regularly happens with so many different models and brands, especially due to faulty chargers, that we didn't pay much attention to it. However, it seems that the story is different and really serious this time.

A Samsung official speaking to Yonhap said the company estimates that less than 0.1% of Galaxy Note7 devices sold were affected and that the root of the problem was traced back to the battery. But at several millions sold, even this small a percentage can be a hazardous risk and one Samsung is not ready to gamble with. Since the Note7 doesn't have a removable battery, the official says that the company is about to issue a recall of all its new Galaxy Note7 devices sold at home and abroad.

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