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Expensify Gets A New Tab Bar, Launcher Button, And Other Design Changes In Update To Version 5.0

Nearly two years after Expensify's last major version number change, the expenses-tracking app has hit 5.0. Like any x.0 release worth its weight, users are treated to a substantial visual overhaul. And don't worry, the company's covering it.

Expensify's former home screen is gone. Developers have crammed the same content into a new tab bar and a launcher button at the bottom of the app. It still looks more iOS than Android, but folks who prefer things at this end of the phone will be happy not to have to reach up as often anymore.

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[New App] FreshBooks Releases Official Android App, Brings Cloud-Based Accounting To Contractors And Small Businesses

People think that working from home as a freelancer is a great way to make a living. And most of the time it is - being able to complete a project at 4AM sans pants is something that rarely works in a cubicle. But when you're self-employed, all the burdens that are normally handled by an accounting department fall on you. That's where popular iOS app and recent Android pilgrim FreshBooks comes in.

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[Giveaway Of 20x Pro Licenses] App Review: Keep Your Car In Check With aCar For Android

In this day and age, it’s increasingly difficult NOT to become at least a little interested in the small (or maybe not so small) charges that you incur on a regular basis. With gas prices soaring, tracking your vehicles fuel economy has become a regular practice for many consumers, myself included. It can be hard, though, to maintain a database of all your mileage information and aggregate this data in a pleasing and useful way.

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