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Microsoft's new all-in-one Office app is now available for all (Update: Tablet support soon)

Once upon a time, you could view and edit Google Docs files from a single Drive app, but Google later split them up into multiple editing applications. Microsoft is now doing the reverse: it's combining the Android versions of Word, Excel, and PowerPoint into one app to rule them all.

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Microsoft opens all-in-one Office mobile app for public preview [APK Download]

Microsoft has been testing a new Office mobile app for Android since this spring, which combines Microsoft's mobile variants of Word, Excel, and PowerPoint into one. The relatively new app gives you a convenient, cloud-synchronized central point for Microsoft Office document creation and management, plus scanning, notes, and more. It's an all-in-one, on-the-go Microsoft Office solution, and now it's available in public preview.

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Microsoft Excel hits one billion Play Store installs

Microsoft apps are gaining ground on Android. Joining the ranks of apps like Word and One Drive, Excel has passed one billion downloads on the Play Store. Microsoft's spreadsheet tool still leads Google Sheets on Android, whose native app hit 500 million installs earlier this year.

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Make photos into spreadsheets with the latest Excel beta on Android

Back in September, Microsoft teased an interesting new feature at its annual Ignite conference: Insert Data from Picture — a combination of OCR (optical character recognition) and AI (unicorn dust) that promises to convert pesky printed material into rows of editable Excel data (the office format of champions). Beta users of Excel for Android were supposed to get the feature "soon," which turned out to be five months later — it's now live, and works pretty well for a first iteration.

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New feature in Microsoft Excel app for Android turns photos of data tables into spreadsheets

Microsoft's annual Ignite conference kicked off today in Orlando, bringing with it a number of product announcements primarily directed at IT and enterprise customers. However, there are a few updates that are also of interest to Android Police readers, including a new Excel app feature that turns a picture of a data table into a spreadsheet. The Redmond, Washington-based tech giant also announced a search tool that spans across most of its products and some Microsoft Teams updates. 

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[Update: OneDrive too] PowerPoint and Excel pass 500 million installs on the Play Store


Google Sheets finally supports recording macros, adds row grouping and better spreadsheets printing

Google has announced a series of new features for Sheets today, including macro support and improvements to spreadsheet printing. While Google Sheets has long been perfectly capable of creating and handling basic or even moderately complex spreadsheets, it fails to fully replicate the functionality of Microsoft Excel, making it a nonstarter for most power users. For professional use cases, Excel still reigns supreme, and Google needs to address Sheets' shortcomings if it ever hopes to make it a viable alternative for professional customers.

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Google Drive users can now comment on MS Office files, PDFs, and images


Microsoft Office Android apps now available on all Chromebooks

For years, one of the most common complaints about Chromebooks was that they couldn't run the Office suite of applications. Microsoft has offered Android apps for Word, Excel, and PowerPoint for a few years now, but they weren't made available to all Chromebooks for some reason.

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Small Microsoft Office updates for PowerPoint, Excel, and Word add in whiteboard capture and form control file opening

After Google improved the Docs, Sheets, and Slides apps a few weeks ago, Microsoft is responding with updates to the Android apps for Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. The update adds small, incremental improvements which won't matter to the vast majority, but for a little subset of users, might be the thing that gets them to use one or all of the apps.

Microsoft PowerPoint

The major thing that's new in PowerPoint is the ability to share only one slide. It can get really annoying when to send one slide in a presentation of many slides, you have to send the entire thing and say 'look at slide 22,' or whatever.

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