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'Messenger' by Luke Klinker is an SMS app that syncs across all your devices and the web

Text messaging applications are a dime a dozen. Luke Klinker, the developer behind Talon for Twitter and EvolveSMS, is working on another SMS app. Simply entitled 'Messenger' while in testing (the final release will have another name), this app allows you to use SMS on your phone, tablet, Android TV, through a web app, and even with a Chrome extension. As far as device compatibility goes, this is pretty impressive.

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EvolveSMS 4.0 Comes With An Android Wear App, Fingerprint Authentication, Marshmallow Support, And More

The SMS app that comes with new phones tends to suck in one way or another. Why is the interface so ugly? Bah, switching between conversations is so awkward. Samsung, what are you doing? Motorola, the old Messaging app no longer feels stock―it just feels old.

When you ask a friend for good alternatives, don't be surprised if you hear them mention EvolveSMS. Not only is the app pretty, the combination of using the side panel to list conversations and swiping left or right to switch between them is just plain convenient.

Now version 4.0 is here. Unfortunately, you're not going to get to enjoy most new features just yet without the right hardware.

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Klinker Apps Releases Blur, A Launcher Replacement That Turns Apps Into Google Now-Style Homescreen Pages

Developer Klinker Apps, the folks behind the Talon Twitter client and the EvolveSMS messaging app, have just released Blur, a free launcher replacement that takes the approach introduced by the Google Now Launcher and opens it up to other apps. With Blur, any app that adds on support for the launcher can have its own dedicated page that rests right on a person's homescreen. In practice, this means users can swipe to the left to access their Twitter feed, text messages, a basic calculator, or a dedicated Google Now page that the Klinker brothers MacGyvered to imitate the GNL. More pages are hopefully on the way.

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Pushbullet's EvolveSMS Integration Is Live, And It's Joined By Sliding Messaging Support As Well

Pushbullet is one of those apps that gets continuously updated over time, and while many releases don't look particularly mind-blowing on the outside, they subtly introduce rather impressive functionality. A week ago we reported on upcoming integration with EvolveSMS that would allow users to receive, view, and reply to text messages from the comfort of their desktop computers. Users could download a beta to play around with the feature before, but now it's rolling out to everyone.

Mirroring text messages to a PC is nothing new for Pushbullet, but the ability to respond is. How it works is pretty straightforward. A notification pops up that users can click to open a small input window.

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Klinker Apps Updates Talon For Twitter And EvolveSMS, Offers Beta App Just For Themes

Klinker Apps is on a roll lately. In addition to debuting the excellent Talon for Twitter and EvolveSMS apps last month, they've been consistently updating their portfolio with new features like Pebble integration. Yesterday Talon was updated to version 1.4, and there's a new version of EvolveSMS in the pipeline for the next few days as well. But perhaps most interesting is the way that the small developer has issued a secondary support app, Klinker Apps Portal.

2014-02-14 13.52.10 2014-02-14 13.51.54 2014-02-14 13.50.49

The Portal app isn't on the Play Store - you can download the beta version directly to your device in the Theme Settings menu of either Talon or EvolveSMS.

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