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EverythingMe Launcher Will Shut Down And Leave The Play Store Due To A Terminal Lack Of Money

It's a bad weekend for indie apps and services. After the PasswordBox team announced that its well-liked product would be folded into Intel's alternative, now a unique Android homescreen replacement is also going the way of the dodo. After amassing 15 million downloads since its debut early last year, EverythingMe will soon be shutting down and no longer available on the Play Store. As Douglas Adams said (and the company quoted on its farewell blog post), so long, and thanks for all the fish.

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EverythingMe Launcher Exits Beta, Improves Smart Folders And Adds Cards [Hands-On]

You remember, right? About a year ago it popped up in the Play Store as a homescreen replacement built around search. It aimed to deliver a smarter, context-based experience by generating suggestions using automatically generated themes and suggestions for apps and websites. The project even drew the attention of Mozilla and ultimately became the interface of Firefox OS. Today, leaves beta and changes its name ever so slightly to EverythingMe.

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