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Evernote 7.5 Beta Adds A Notification Widget For Quick Notes [APK Download]

Like many apps these days, Evernote has a beta program. An interesting new feature just popped up in the most recent beta version on this app. In v7.5 beta 2, there's a feature for making quick notes right from the notification shade. Evernote even pops up a splash screen to tell you about it after the new version is installed.

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Evernote Adds Three New Homescreen Widgets And Bug Fixes In The Latest Update


Todoist Integrates With Evernote, Google Calendar, And GitHub, Announces More Robust Developer Platform And $10,000 Hackathon

The current trend with to-do managers is for them to integrate with note-keeping and/or calendars. After all, a task you need to finish before a deadline does deserve its spot in your schedule and a note you're adding may require a reminder and a to-do date. Todoist understands that and is thus expanding on its API, announcing a full-fledged Developer Platform with a global Developer Challenge, and launching integration with Evernote, GitHub, and Google Calendar among others.

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Evernote Tweaks Pricing Structure Adding A New, More Affordable Subscription Option

Evernote has added a third tier to their subscription note taking service that fits comfortably between the free and premium options that existed before. The new option, called Evernote Plus, allows users to upload up to 1GB of notes monthly and unlocks offline access to notes on mobile devices, passcode lock, and a feature that lets you turn emails into notes. The new package will run you $2.99 a month or $24.99 per year.

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Evernote 7 Arrives For Android Tablets


Evernote Updated To v7.0 With A Material Overhaul, Customizable Quick Notes, And More

Evernote has been nibbling around the edges of material design for a while now, but the 7.0 update is a big one. The app is adopting many aspects of material design and adding a few new features too.

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[Deal Alert] $185 Worth Of Productivity App Subscriptions Including Pocket Premium, LastPass, And More For $59.99

Feeling unproductive? Maybe all you need is some apps to help you along. Perhaps you'll even want to buy a premium subscription to services you find particularly useful, but that adds up. For a limited time, you can get a one-year subscription to four solid services for $59.99 with the new Productivity Pack.


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Livescribe 3 Smartpen Will Soon Have Android Support, Having Handwritten Notes On Your Device Could Get A Lot Easier

Ever wanted to take handwritten notes, but didn't want to write on a digital screen? Maybe you just don't want a Samsung device, the primary Android manufacturer to offer active digitizers (better known as the "S Pen" in their marketing materials). Livescribe's smartpens have, up to now, been just a nearly perfect solution for many. You can write on real paper* and have your notes rather effortlessly synced to select digital destinations.

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The Latest Evernote Update Brings Relevant Content Suggestions To Your Work With 'Context'

I've been an Evernote user for a long time now. I've watched it grow from a simple way to take and organize notes to a powerful work tool. I've written many reviews in Evernote (for easy cross-device sync), and I don't see that changing any time soon.


With the latest update, finding relevant content to the piece you're currently working on is even easier. With a Premium Account ($5/month), Evernote will offer relevant suggestions from The Wall Street Journal, TechCrunch, Pando Daily, Fast Company, and Inc.

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Evernote Premium Customers Can Now Scan Business Cards Using The Android App (But Free Users Can Get In On This Too)

Evernote premium users on Android are now receiving a feature that can take the frustration out of managing a stack of business cards. Instead of storing them all someplace never to be seen again, people can use the app to take a picture of the card and have the information digitized into a note, with Evernote automatically populating the appropriate contact fields.

If you integrate the app with LinkedIn, it will also pull down their photo and other information from the site.

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