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Evernote v8.6 adds much-requested dark theme — your turn, Google Keep

It seems like apps are only gaining white space lately, but at least one of the world's most popular note taking apps is joining the dark side. With version 8.6 of Evernote, the app has introduced a dark mode. With any luck, other major note and to-do apps, like Google Keep and Microsoft OneNote, will follow soon.

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Evernote v8.4 adds built-in templates, Android Pie support [APK Download]

Note-taking app Evernote received an update today which adds Android Pie support, templates, and fingerprint dialog capabilities. The update is the first major release after a massive layoff and the exit of Evernote's CTO, CFO, CPO, and HR head. While Evernote has supported templates for a couple of years, they were not built into the app. Instead, they had to be added online from the template website to a user’s account.

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Evernote cuts 15% of its staff after committing 'too many resources too quickly'

According to a report by TechCrunch, Evernote has just cut 15% of its staff, totaling 54 employees. In a follow-up blog post by CEO Chris O'Neill, this is because the company "committed too many resources too quickly" in its "incredibly aggressive goals." Whatever the cause, combined with the recent mass-departure of executives and O'Neill's vocal focus on self-sufficiency, it's hard not to be concerned with the company's future.

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Latest OneNote update adds app shortcuts and Office Lens integration [APK Download]

With the demise of the Windows Phone operating system, Microsoft has seemingly put extra focus on app development for other platforms. That's great for us Android users, who are able to make use of the company's excellent productivity apps. OneNote is Microsoft's attempt at a note-taking app, and it stands as a worthy competitor for Google Keep, Evernote, and the like.

OneNote got a design overhaul last summer and has continued to add useful new features – such as fingerprint security – in the months since. The latest update brings it up to version 16.0.8827.2090 and includes Office Lens integration, app shortcuts, and phone number sign in.

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Outlook for Android finally gets external app and service integration

Outlook's so-called "add-ins" were first introduced to the app this February, but the feature was exclusive to iOS. At least, it was, until Microsoft's blog post today. To put it simply, it allows you to use features from apps like Trello, Evernote, or services like GIPHY from directly inside the app. It's sort of like Android's intents system, allowing you to quickly pass data between services, but built into Outlook.

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Evernote's latest beta adds fingerprint support

Fingerprint sensors are rapidly becoming essential features on phones. It isn't just high-end flagships that ship with one these days. Even mid-range devices like the Moto G have them now. So, it comes as no surprise that more and more apps are integrating the feature, too. The 7.12 Evernote beta, which adds fingerprint unlock support, is just one of the more recent examples. 

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Evernote launches redesigned sharing tool on Android

Android's sharing features have always been rather good in general, but Evernote is looking to streamline the process. It's rolling out a new version of its built-in sharing tool today on Android. It allows you to send notes to others via almost any messaging app without ever leaving Evernote.

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Evernote backtracks on new privacy policy, makes machine learning opt-in

In a not-so-shocking turn of events, Evernote has reversed its privacy policy stance that I wrote about earlier. The company is not going to implement it and will instead make machine learning and human review opt-in — you know, the way it should have been from the get-go.

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[Update: CEO responds to criticism with a note] Evernote's new privacy policy has some people concerned and it is easy to see why

One of the newest storms to hit the Internet was the change to Evernote's privacy policy. While this is usually reserved for those of us who can wade through varying levels of legalese (I admit that I'm weird), I do recommend that all users of the note-taking service take a quick pass through one section in particular. And even though people all over are up in arms, there are a few key points to consider.

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Evernote implements Android 7.1's launcher app shortcuts

Ever since it constrained its free plans, Evernote hasn't been the same darling of note takers that it was before. Some people were driven off to other apps, but for those that decided to stick around, there are interesting goodies lurking in the latest update to v7.9.6.

The app has been quick to implement one of Android 7.1's new highlight features: app shortcuts (previously known as launcher shortcuts). If you tap and hold on the Evernote icon on the homescreen of a supported launcher on a device running Android 7.1, you'll get 4 different shortcuts you can immediately launch: search, new text note, new audio note, and new camera note.

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