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It's almost time for the Galaxy Note20 Unpacked livestream — here's how to watch it

We're now just a couple of hours away from Samsung's Note20 Unpacked livestream. It'll likely bring us many mentions of the word "innovation," a tour of the company's electronics headquarters, a bunch of celebrity cameos, and, oh yes, new smartphones, a new tablet, and a new smartwatch. You can watch the event as it happens right here, starting at 7 a.m. PDT (10 a.m. EDT).

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CES 2021 in-person show cancelled, will be held online

The organizers of CES, the Consumer Technology Association (CTA), had been pushing hard to keep next year's event in Las Vegas, but they've finally thrown in the towel. The CTA has just announced that CES 2021 will be an all-digital event, saying that it will offer "a unique experience for the tech industry" and "a highly personalized experience."

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You saw it coming, but the Galaxy Note20's launch will probably be an online-only event

The world continues to tread lightly as the coronavirus pandemic continues to pose an active public health threat and a vaccine has yet to be developed, forget widely injected. With business not expected to return to usual anytime soon, it shouldn't be surprising to learn that Samsung plans on eschewing the traditional press conference and will run an online event to debut the Galaxy Note20 series.

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Moto Edge+ almost certainly being announced at April 22 event

Critics panned Motorola's flagship smartphone for last year as being an unremarkable iteration on a series that relied on a proprietary accessory system that had grown long in the tooth. It was, therefore, somewhat of a relief when intelligence suggested that the company would go in a different direction this year. Now, we're only days away from hearing everything about the Moto Edge+.

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Google I/O is fully canceled, even the online event

Google I/O 2020 has been fully canceled, with even the online event no longer taking place, according to a statement tweeted out by the company just earlier today. Following the shelter-in-place requirements imposed in California, Google has ultimately decided "to not to move forward with I/O in any capacity this year in order to prioritize the health of everybody who is a part of our community."

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Coronavirus is now even canceling online gatherings: Google postpones Cloud Next Digital

Google has just announced that its upcoming Cloud Next conference, previously set to be online-only from April 6-8th, will be postponed. A specific date has not been set for the delay, but the company was explicit that the decision to cancel the event came down to coronavirus concerns. With even online events now being canceled, is I/O 2020 next?

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Try '' or '' in your browser to add a Google Calendar event

For some of us, task and calendar management is a chore on its own, and the faster we can do it the better. Assistant helps a bit, but now there's a quicker way to add an event from your browser, while sitting at your desk, thanks to Google's .new top level domain.

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[Update: It's live] Watch the Huawei Mate 30 reveal livestream starting from 5 a.m. PDT

Chinese tech company Huawei has been in too many headlines for a smartphone maker. It is at risk of losing all of its U.S. goods suppliers as questions hang in the air about what corporate crimes it may or may not have committed. But today, the firm is making news of its own agency in introducing the Huawei Mate 30 and the Huawei Watch GT 2 to market — and we have the link for you to see that happen live.

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Made by Google Pixel 4 event set for October 15th in New York City

Google has formally revealed the previously rumored October 15h date for its Made by Google event, at which we expect the Pixel 4 to be launched. There's still plenty of time left for more leaks with just under a month left until the event, though Google might not have much left to show us when it comes to the new phone's unveiling.

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Watch the Galaxy Note10 event livestream right here

It's about showtime for Samsung as we find out just what has been true about the Galaxy Note10 and Note10+ (and, not likely, but maybe, just maybe, the Note 10 Pro). If you've made it here and don't want to shuffle through YouTube to get a view of the Unpacked livestream, lucky you: we've got it right here.

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