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The European Parliament votes in favor of new copyright law potentially taking away our memes

The European Parliament voted in favor of reforming the (admittedly due to be adjusted) copyright law in Europe. By itself, the new law isn't that controversial and will actually help creators and journalists get their fair share of income from big online players like YouTube and Google News. But don't put your torchlights and pitchforks down just yet. The directive might lead big platforms to implement upload filters to catch copyright infringement before content is published — which could possibly kill GIFs and memes.

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Europe's strict new digital copyright laws may make for a changed internet worldwide

In the ongoing saga that is copyright law in the age of the internet, the European Parliament has just approved stern and controversial new copyright legislation sure to have wide-reaching influence on government bodies worldwide. The two key items of contention? Charges for displaying snippets of content dubbed a "link tax" by critics, and a rule that puts the legal onus on website operators for copyright infringement. The latter change will all but force major platforms like YouTube to create automated copyright filters, sparking censorship concerns from both big business and consumer rights advocates.

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European Parliament wants smartphones and other tech to last longer and be easier to repair

In a plenary session at the European Parliament yesterday, there was an interesting conversation about consumer electronics that could lead to some very positive legislation for smartphone buyers in Europe. MEPs discussed how to ensure that goods and software are easier to repair and update. Essentially, they want to tackle the industry propensity towards planned obsolescence and regular upgrades.

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