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22 states and DC issue new brief seeking to reverse FCC's net neutrality order

The dream of an open and free internet isn't dead. Net neutrality — the principle that internet service providers must treat traffic equally, regardless of the source — is still seeing a strong fight waged on its behalf. This week, a group of 23 attorneys general from across the U.S., led by New York Attorney General Barbara Underwood, published a new brief reaffirming its dedication to the cause.

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Geekify Offering Handmade Tablet Cases On Etsy Inspired By Popular Novels, Video Games, TV Shows, And More

This isn't a sale, so if the nerdgasm you have after viewing the upcoming images leave you too immobilized to hit that buy button right away, you have time to get yourself together. Geekify is offering a large selection of fantastical tablet cases on Etsy, such as one inspired by The Neverending Story that's made of faux leather and microsuede. An Auryn is even situated front and center, just above the title text. It doesn't come with a copy of the novel inside, but with the sheer volume of digital books available for whichever tablet you choose to slip in, you already have access to a genuinely never-ending supply of reading material.

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Nexus 4 Slipping Off Its Charging Orb? There's A 3D Printed Solution For That

As a recent convert to the Nexus 4 (after waiting months for my Sprint ETF to drop), I'm in love with the wireless charging orb. That's not to say it doesn't have issues (besides its price), though. While I've had nary an problem with the orb, I have heard a few times that it has one serious issue – failing to keep the Nexus in place as it charges.

A few days ago, I came across a potential solution to this problem – the Nexus 4 Charging Orb Cradle by Etsy user Pixil3D.


The 3D-printed cradle isn't necessarily the most elegant solution imaginable, and adding a $24 fix to a product that already costs $60 isn't exactly palatable to this writer, but the cradle has one thing going for it – it's 3D-printed, and anyone that has a 3D printer can make their own.

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[New App] Official Etsy App Arrives On Android To Make Shopping For Artsy Trinkets Even Easier

Are you feeling particularly craft-y today? Then you will be interested to know that everyone's favorite handmade marketplace, Etsy has a new Android app. It's never been easier to browse for reasonably-priced knickknacks on your phone.

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The app feels properly designed for Android. Holo elements like the action bar, tabs, and scrolling are all implemented correctly. Although, it doesn't feel like a cookie cutter Holo app either. Oh, speaking of...  I wonder if I could find some Android cookie cutters on Etsy. If you decide to look for something obscure like that, the app's search interface works well.

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