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Verizon adds free Disney+, Hulu, and ESPN+ to some Mix & Match plans; halves Disney+ trials for others

Verizon is making several changes to its Mix & Match unlimited plans that appear to be mostly for the better. Two of the plans are getting what the company calls "The Disney Bundle," which includes Disney+, Hulu, and ESPN+. Others, however, are getting their Disney+ trials shortened from one year to six months. There are a couple of other minor tweaks as well.

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ESPN reveals 'major' app update and new ESPN+ streaming service for $5 per month

Based on the results of our Super Bowl poll earlier this year, most of our readers here at Android Police aren't much into sports. And that's fine, neither are we. But for those of you that are interested, ESPN has just announced a new ESPN+ streaming service for only $5 a month, as well as an updated app. The actual selection of live content might leave a bit to be desired, though. 

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ESPN app updated with live streaming, Chromecast support, and more

We are nearing the end of the professional football season here in the U.S. (good news for some), but that has not stopped ESPN from providing its Android app with some pretty big changes. Most notably are the inclusion of live streaming and Chromecast support.

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ESPN's Fantasy Football app is now 'Fantasy Sports,' includes baseball, basketball, and hockey

Pretty much every media company that has so much as a pinky toe dipped into the sports pool wants a bit of that lucrative fantasy market, and since ESPN is (allegedly) nothing but sports, you can bet they're making a go of it. Previously the Disney subsidiary published dedicated fantasy apps for both football (that's the American kind with the big dudes in armor, not the other kind with the little dudes in shorts) and baseball, but now they're consolidated into a single app, and basketball and hockey can come along for the ride.

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ESPN's Big Jump To 5.0 Brings Cricket Scores, Favorites Tab, And Region And Language Customization

There is no shortage of choice when you start thinking about following your favorite sports and teams on your phone. Google already has a pretty sweet set of cards in Google Now for a couple of sports, but there's also a lot of benefit in having a dedicated app that has specialized news and commentary, live scores, analysis, and more. ESPN is one of the most popular apps in that category — after all, that's the network's expertise and it's transmitted through the app.

With version 5.0, ESPN's app is getting a couple of major improvements that make it even more relevant.

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ESPN App Comes To Android TV, And So Does Starz (Again)

Sports are more enjoyable on TV than phones and tablets. It's a demonstrable fact. You don't see bars hanging Samsung Galaxy Tabs on walls do you?

It's for this reason that many people will be happy to see ESPN adding support for Android TV. You can see this is the changelog for the ESPN app. Viewers are getting WatchESPN access, with the ability to stream live events.

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ESPN Android App Adds WatchESPN TV Streaming For Cable And Satellite Subscribers

If you pay for cable, you probably pay for ESPN. Disney's sports empire is practically inescapable, especially if you watch college sports, and it's essentially impossible to pay for conventional television without getting ESPN thrown into the package, whether you want it or not. So if you're paying for it, you might as well get it on your phone too, right? ESPN's live streaming service WatchESPN is now available within the primary ESPN app itself. Previously WatchESPN was a separate Android app.

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ESPN 4.2 Gets Bigger To Better Work With Tablets, Still Runs Light On Its Feet

The official ESPN app (formerly known as SportsCenter, or was that Score Center?) looks largely the same following the update to version 4.2 as it did in 4.1, unless you're running it on an Android tablet. There the experience has expanded to present you with more information on-screen. Want to see the latest sports gossip news? You got it. Want to see scores at the same time? Sure. Information on your favorite teams is tucked away along the top-right corner of the action bar.

This update also includes ESPN Now, the ability to swipe right from the news section to access photos, videos, and other content from social networks.

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ESPN Bowls Cricket 2015 App Into The Play Store, But Early Reviews Are Brutal

This year ESPN is letting Cricket fans stream the entire ICC Cricket World Cup over the Internet, as long as they're willing to pay $100 for the content. As part of the package, users will get to use their mobile devices.

So the network has released its Cricket 2015 app into the Play Store, shortly before games begin on the 14th. The app provides access to all 49 live matches and follows the teams from Afghanistan, Australia, Bangladesh, England, India, Ireland, New Zealand, Pakistan, Scotland, South Africa, Sri Lanka, United Arab Emirates West Indies, and Zimbabwe.

Unfortunately, early reviews are brutal. We're seeing a clean run of one-star reviews for reasons ranging from crashes to a lack of Chromecast support.

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ESPN Renames College Football App To 'Championship Drive' And Gives It A Big Makeover In v4.0

Dear football fans. Remember that makeover that you were too insecure to get? Well one of ESPN's many sports apps is getting it done for you. Not only does the network's College Football app look like a whole new person, it has a new name to boot. ESPN Championship Drive, despite being version 4, wants you to view it as a separate individual.

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