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Google's Android Q Beta downloads are broken [Update: It's fixed]

So, you're looking to try the latest Android Q builds on your Pixel phone? Well, your options are a bit limited at the moment—Google's Android Q system image and OTA file downloads are all broken. That leaves you with the OTA program only.

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It's Not Just You—Play Store Server Errors Are Preventing Many Users From Installing Or Updating Apps [Update]

Sometimes it's nice to know you're not completely alone in the world, especially when it comes to esoteric error messages. RPC:S-7:AEC-0 – what the hell is that, Google? An increasing number of users (myself included) are seeing this error message when trying to install or update an app on any device, and there is currently no fix.

2014-09-04 14.13.41 2014-09-03 23.08.54 2014-09-03 18.50.51

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Google's Adorable "Teapot" Error 418 Page Is Short And Stout (And Interactive)

Google likes to have a laugh from time to time, even though sometimes the jokes are too geeky for non-programmers to grasp. Still, the teapot error page is fun even if you don't get the reference. Go to and feel free to pour it out. It works best on a phone or tablet.

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Google Search On Android Is Having Trouble With, You Know, Searching For Many Users

For the last several days, an unknown number of Android users have been getting inconsistent results when using the built-in Google Search app on their phones and tablets. And by "inconsistent," I mean that they aren't getting any at all, instead being greeted by the enigmatic message "can't load search results" whenever they try to use it. While none of the Android Police staff have experienced this, threads on Google Code, Google Groups, and Reddit continue to receive replies.

original by1Bb3r

Left screenshot from commented "abqnm."

At present there doesn't seem to be any reliable way to fix the issue on the user's end, though some are seeing limited success from wiping the app data.

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Mistakes Were Made: Costco Has A Moto X Made By Both Samsung And Motorola, Amazon's Nexus 7 Listing Still Pines For Honeycomb, And More

Everyone makes mistakes, but most of us aren't producing marketing material for giant retail chains that sell technology to the general public. That's the kind of mistake we all get to laugh about. So let's have a chuckle at today's mistaken parties.


Having trouble choosing between a Samsung phone and a Motorola one? Well, now you don't have to choose with the new Verizon Samsung Moto X by Motorola at Costco. See, it looks like a Moto X, but clearly it was made by Samsung because ads don't lie. They should have a phone nerd read these before they go out.

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Tip Of The Day: How To Defeat The Pesky Play Store Server Errors And Order That Elusive Nexus 4

And the tip of the day, month, year goes to... Syko Pompos! Here I was, sitting on the couch, trying to order the 16GB Nexus 4 for the last 4 hours. That's a lot of hours practically wasted. And I'm not even talking about the first batch which resulted in exactly the same failures and poor experience.


Turns out, there's a little trick you can use to defeat these errors and finally place your Nexus order. Sure, it'll arrive weeks or maybe even months later, but at least you'll reserve your place in line and stop ripping out hair from places where you might still need it.

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