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Google News in-app translation is broken

With everything going on in the world lately, it can be hard to keep up with it all. Google News can be great help there, with the app supporting features like curated stories, daily briefings, and a dark theme. Google even added support for displaying content in two languages together within the feed last year. But it's not all good news, because the in-app translation feature is currently borked.

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[Update: No more errors] Tapping the Google Assistant icon on mobile web search brings up an error page

Google recently introduced one-tap access to Google Assistant from its mobile search engine webpage, presumably because being able to trigger it from the home screen or a physical button from every single device ever is a good thing. And if the device you held didn't have the assistant, the link would take you to a page where you could download it. Well, that link seems to have been broken.

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Another Pixel 3 bug: Camera encountering 'fatal error' in third-party apps

Google's latest flagship may have a class-leading camera, but it isn't without its bugs, and now we have another to add to the list. Unfortunately for some, using the camera in third-party apps may trigger an error which disables the camera entirely until you reboot. Even the stock camera app is non-functional until you power cycle the phone.

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Pixel phone owners are seeing bizarre image bugs in screenshots sent from iPhones

The mobile market is mature enough that there aren't too many issues left when it comes to cross-compatibility between Android and iOS, at least for relatively simple matters like mobile web surfing or SMS. But the latest flagship phones on both sides of the aisle seem to have a bit of digital beef, at least according to a few Pixel owners. This discussion on the Google's product forum details a bizarre bug distorting screenshots sent from the iPhone 7 Plus (the latest and most expensive iPhone) to the Pixel.

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Some Google Play Music Users Are Reporting Chromecast Streaming Errors, Google's Working On It

If you use Google Play Music on your Chromecast on a regular basis, you may have noticed a few issues lately. According to this Google support forum thread, casting Play Music to a nearby Chromecast has been broken for about three weeks for at least some users. Once the music playback begins on the television it reports an error shortly thereafter. Multiple users began reporting the same problem and similar issues.

It doesn't seem to be universal - trying out the casting feature in Google Play Music on my Nexus 6 and SHIELD TV doesn't appear to be broken - but enough people are experiencing it that it's beginning to gain notice.

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Windows Users: Seeing The 'Allow USB Debugging' Prompt Every Time You Plug In Your Phone? Here's A Quick Fix


Some Nexus 6 Owners Are Reporting Total Mobile Data Connection Failures

As the de facto flagship phone for Android (or at least that portion of Android that isn't covered in Samsung logos), the Nexus 6 gets an inordinate amount of attention. That's not always a good thing, especially when the hardware and/or software exhibits major flaws or defects. For example: a considerable number of users are reporting a total failure of their phone's mobile data connection. The problem is occurring on multiple software versions and across different carriers and locations.

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[Update: Probably Fixed] The Play Store Is Lousy With '944' Download Errors Right Now

If you're having trouble downloading app updates from the Play Store right now, you're in good company. We're getting reports from multiple Android Police readers that Error 944, a rather nondescript problem that prevents automatic and manual updates, is interrupting said updates on apps all over the store. While many people are not seeing the errors, at least one AP staff member is finding them on multiple apps. It's pretty frustrating.

Screenshot_2015-03-23-19-04-34 Screenshot_2015-03-23-19-04-23

Right now that's about all there is to report - we'd love to elaborate, but the Play Store's error message is as vague as always.

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Some Moto G Owners Are Constantly Losing Connection After The Android 4.4.2 Update

One of the biggest advantages of Motorola's latest phones is that they've been rapidly updated to Android 4.4. But at least some owners of the low-cost Moto G are having serious issues after updating to 4.4.2. Many posters on the official Motorola support forums are saying that their phones are intermittently dropping all cell signals, and in some cases even losing connection with the phone's SIM card. These issues were not reported before the Android 4.4 update. At least one user with the Verizon CDMA version is reporting the problem as well.

Screenshot_2014-01-20-17-38-49 Screenshot_2014-01-20-17-46-48

The connection issue apparently isn't permanent - turning the phone on and off again will set it back in working order, at least temporarily.

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